THE LEGISLATURE - Legislative Assembly of Alberta

• The legislature has been in Edmonton from all the way back in 1912.
It was under construction from 1906-1912.
• Did you know that the outside of the legislature is made up of
sandstone from Southern Alberta.
• At the legislature there are huge, shallow wading pools. People may
swim in them if they want but only in the summer and spring.
Otherwise It will be freezing cold water or icy water.
• The Sergeant at Arms is a very important part of the legislative
• He has a sword that he carries and has at every assembly.
• If there is someone who is up in the gallery and they are yelling or
making a big fuss, he has to yell and say “BE QUIET, YOU ARE
NOT PART OF THIS MEETING!!!” If they still don’t be quiet he will
go up to them and take them out of the legislative assembly.
• And sometimes he will yell so loud it scares you!
• It is a very interesting job to have.
• His name is Brian Hodgeson. He is quite an interesting and unique
The chambers is very important to the legislature. It is important because
that is where the bills are discussed, debated and made true laws.
The opposition and the government are the ones who debate those laws.
The chambers has a flag for every Province in Canada.
They have many symbols in there, especially on the stained glass.
There are steps to make a law. The steps are; Step # one is 1st Readingintroduction of bill to assembly, Step two is Second Reading- bill is debated
by members, Step three is committee of the whole- bill is debated in detail by
committee; changes may be made, Step 4 is third reading-bills final debate,
Step 5 is Royal Assent- bill becomes a law.
• A couple of important symbols are the Mace and the Black Rod.
• Why they are so important is that they have to be there during every
Assembly in the Chambers.
• Also because the Black Rod has to be there when the Queen, The
Lieutenant Governor or anyone Royal comes to the Legislature’s
• That’s why they have those things and why they are so important!
The Stained Glass!
• The Stained Glass is also a very important symbol in the real Alberta
Legislature Assembly because it was donated from people and
because it has many symbols in it!
• One of the symbols that is in it is the double headed axe.
• The Stained Glass is huge and very beautiful!
• What was in the glass were leaves, the Alberta Rose, the axes, and
an archway.
The Library!!!
The library has tens of thousands of books. That is so much more than the
other public libraries. Actually probably thousands of more.
The library has a hamburger that was given to them from Mr.Coppithorn in
1969. Mr. Coppithorn was the MLA back then. It was tabled in the House
because their cafeteria food tasted horrible. But, don’t worry, it has improved a
lot since then!
The library has been collecting news papers since it opened! They have a huge
One of the biggest books they have, has 2 200 pages. It is so big in the width!
And the oldest book they have is from the 1 700’s. That’s an old book.
Some of their really old books have a musty, dusty smell to them. Once in a
while you’ll see someone smelling the books!
• This floor is called the Rotunda. There is a beautiful fountain in the middle
of the floor. There are many flags hanging on the walls from the world wars.
The walls and staircase are made from marble. The marble came from Quebec
and Pennsylvania. Each one of the pillars weigh about sixteen tones. That’s
soooo much weight! Did you know that the word Rotunda comes from the word
round? That’s so cool!
The Coat O f Arms!
The coat of arms is a very important symbol.
It represents Canada and especially Alberta!
The crown represents the Queen Elizabeth.
The beaver is one of the emblems of Canada.
There is also a lion which represents the emblem of Britain and there’s also
an antelope.
The flower represents the Alberta Rose.
The words on the bottom are in Latin and it says Strong and Free!
And that’s it for the Coat of arms!
Fun Things!
There are many fun things at the Alberta Legislature. Some of them are:
Reflecting pools to swim in and play in,
Gift shop to shop at,
Lego legislature to look at,
Take a tour around the Legislature,
Go to the Legislature on Canada day, Family Day and on Christmas,
That’s when they have the red carpet out and there are special
Go to see the statues of Crowfoot and Queen Victoria,
You could take a look at the Mace and Black Rod in a case of course,
Also the Magic Spot, it sounds like rain pattering on a window because
of the way the pipes are.
Well that’s just some of the fun stuff you could do or look at!
• 1: Henrietta Muir Edwards: She published Canada’s
first women’s magazine.
• 2: Louise McKinney: She was an Alberta MLA and
the first woman elected to a Legislature in Canada.
3: Nellie McClung: She was a Liberal MLA for
• 4: Emily Murphy: She was the first female judge in
the Commonwealth.
• 5: Irene Parlby: She was the first female cabinet
minister in Alberta.
• Well I hope you enjoyed the power point and will
soon visit the Alberta Legislature, And many more
times after that! Thanks for watching!
• By: Rebecca Stinert 
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