Central Florida Citrus and Deciduous Fruit Crop Program

Central Florida Citrus and
Deciduous Fruit Crop Program
Central Florida Citrus Advisory
Committee & Ryan Atwood
Central Florida Citrus and
Deciduous Fruit Crop Program
• Serves seven counties in Central Florida:
Marion, Lake, Volusia, Brevard, Seminole,
Orange, and Osceola Counties.
• Primarily focused on citrus production
(~37,500 acres in Cent. Fl), although
blueberries growing in acreage.
• Evaluation and promotion of alternative
fruit crops for commercial production (i.e.
peaches, nectarines, grapes).
Citrus Extension Activities
Grower Field Visits
Grower Educational Programs
Citruslines newsletter and webpage
Statewide Citrus Extension Team member
4-H Citrus Tree Project
Mid Florida Citrus Foundation and A.H.
Krezdorn research grove
• Applied Research Projects
Related Programs
• Pesticide Applicator Training
• Certified Pile Burning
Statewide Coordinator
• Weather Watch
• Alternative fruit crops
• Misc. –historical societies,
tropical fruit club, hort. camp,
international travel, F.A.W.N
Grower field visits
• Consultations
• Relationship
• Educational
Grower Educational Programs
• Field Trips
• OJ Meetings
• Citrus Production
managers meetings
• Statewide eventsCitrus Expo, Indian
River Seminar, etc.
Newsletter & Webpage
Statewide Citrus Extension Team
• Multi county agents website
• Statewide programs –
Greening identification and
scouting, Greening Summit
• Citrus Extension Grant –
Posters, greening symptom
pictures, educational events.
4-H Citrus Tree Project
• Website
• 200 children participate.
• Over $4500.00 donated annually by local citrus
Mid Florida Citrus Foundation
• Coordinator for the
• 100+ acre active
research facility.
• USDA, UF IFAS, and
private researchers.
• Field days and
demonstration areas.
Applied Research Projects
• Ultra Low Volume
pesticide application
for psyllid control.
• Leaf freezing points
data and model for
• Greening-Salicylic
Acid Trial.
Pesticide Applicator Training
• Provides private applicator
agricultural licenses
training opportunities
throughout Central Florida.
• Provides needed CORE
continuing educational
units to growers.
Certified Pile Burner Program
• Requested by Advisory
Board to pursue.
• Collaboration between the
Florida Division of Forestry
and IFAS.
• Has become a statewide
Weather Watch
• Agricultural weather
information for cold
protection decisions
• Seventy-one subscribers
Alternative Fruit Crops
• Evaluation & Demonstration
• Keep up to date with
industry developments
• Master Gardener
Training -Ag Awareness
Grant and Materials.
• Trade magazine articles.
• International travel.