Greenland and The Tundra
By: Zachary Dwyer
Where is Greenland located
This is a map of
What is a biome?
A biome is a area of land that has plants and
animals that only grow in that area because of
the climate.
The Tundra
The tundra is a area that is mainly cold all year. There
is not a lot of rain in the tundra. There is only about
10 inches of precipitation a year! The coldest it gets
is -60 degrees F. the warmest is 50 degrees F. The
average temperature is 10 to 20 degrees F. No trees
grow except the summer tundra. The soil is often
frozen. The tundra is located around the north pole.
The animals are musk ox, polar bear, caribou, arctic
fox, arctic wolf, norway lemming, penguin, willow
ptarmigan, rock ptarmigan, arctic tern, and the harp
Greenland is part of the arctic tundra. The
terrain of Greenland is slopping icecaps except
for the mountains, barren, rocky coast. The
climate is around 40 to 50 degrees f. The
animals in Greenland are Sharks, ringed seals,
harp seals, walruses, beluga whales, killer
whales, polar bears, musk ox, caribou ( A.K.A.
reindeer ), ermines, penguins, humpback
whales, krill, squid, fish, petrels, crabeater
seals, and sled dogs.
Food web
This is a possible food web for
Food chain
This is a possible food chain for Greenland.
Food pyramid
This is a possible food pyramid for Greenland.
Carnivores, herbivores, and
Here are some carnivores for Greenland, sharks, killer
whales, petrels, penguin, crabeater seals, and
squids. Here are some herbivores for Greenland,
ermines, musk ox, caribou, and krill. Here are some
omnivores for Greenland, fish, humans, beluga
whales, and humpback whale.
Consumer producer and
Here are some consumers for Greenland, polar
bears, penguins, sharks, killer whales, beluga
whales, humpback whales, humans, musk ox,
and caribou. Here are some producers, arctic
moss, arctic willow, bearberry, and caribou
moss. Here are some decomposers, bacteria,
fungi, and worms.
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