Installing the Oracle Database 11g R2

Installing Oracle Database
11gR2 Software on Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5 (RAC)
Preparation Steps
Login to virtual server tom as user oracle.
Copy and into /u01/staging.
Unzip both files using "unzip" command:
[[email protected] staging]$ unzip
[[email protected] staging]$ unzip
Make sure the time settings on tom and jerry are in sync:
[[email protected] ~]$ date
Wed Jun 9 22:17:06 PDT 2010
[[email protected] ~]$ date
Wed Jun 9 22:17:07 PDT 2010
If the time difference is more than a few seconds, the installation could fail, so you would have to adjust
the time, for example:
[[email protected] ~]$ date +%T -s "10:13:13"
[[email protected] ~]$ date +%T -s "10:13:13"
Go to /u01/staging/database directory and start the installation by issuing:
Ignore Security Updates.
Choose "Create and configure a database".
Choose "Server Class".
Select "Real Application Clusters database installation".
Enter password for user oracle and click "Setup" button.
Select "Advanced install".
Accept "English".
Select "Enterprise Edition".
Confirm the locations for "Oracle
Base" and "Software Location".
Choose “General Purpose / Transaction Processing”.
Specify database identifiers.
Accept the default configuration.
Select "Use Database Control for database management".
Select "Automatic Storage Management" and specify password for
Choose "Do not enable automated backups".
Select disk group "Data" for DB storage.
Configure schema passwords. Ignore possible warning.
Select "dba" for OSDBA group and "oper" for OSOPER.
Wait for prerequisite checks to complete.
Ignore possible "Swap Space" warning by selecting "Ignore All".
Verify information on the "Summary" screen and click "Finish".
Wait for installation process to complete. The database installation
process will start automatically.
Skip the password management on the
Database Configuration Assistant window.
"Execute Configuration scripts" window will pop up
after some time.
Executing "root" scripts in the right order
Execute script on tom first and wait for successful comlpetion:
[[email protected] ~]$ /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db1/
Execute script on jerry only after it successfully completes on tom:
[[email protected] ~]$ /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db1/
Click "OK" on "Execute Configuration Scripts" window.
If you hit bug 8670579 during the Grid installation, you most likely are going to have problems with
the Database installation as well. The solution is to install the same patch 8670579 in Oracle Home as
Click "Close" button to exit the Installer.
The database software
installation and database
creation are complete!
Commands to verify the state of the database,
instances, and cluster
crsctl stat res -t
crsctl check cluster
cluvfy comp clocksync -verbose
srvctl status database -d acmedb
srvctl status asm
srvctl status nodeapps
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