PAP 7_Agenda_Grid Interop 2010

Al Hefner
(NIST Lead)
Frances Cleveland
(Technical Champion)
PAP 7 Overview
Status of IEC 61850-7-420 and IEEE 1547.8
Identify new issues for PAP 7
Update the Scoping Document
Develop a White Paper based on Scoping Document
PAP 7: Task Interactions
Task 2: IEEE 1547.4 for island applications
and IEEE 1547.6 for secondary networks
Task 4: Develop and Harmonize Object Models
IEC 61850-7-420: Expanded to include
Multifunctional ES-DER operational interface;
Harmonized with CIM & MultiSpeak;
Mapped to MMS, DNP3, web services, & SEP v2
PAP 7 Scope - Energy Storage and Distributed Energy
• Develop Scoping Study on Energy Storage and Distributed
Energy Resources
• Complete IEEE 1547.4 and .6
• Initiate IEEE 1547.8 on electrical connectivity of ES-DER
allowing low-voltage ride-through, microgrids, and other ESDER management
• Develop Use Cases for ES-DER
• Develop information exchange requirements to submit to
• Monitor IEEE 1547.8 and IEC TC57 WG17
DER (Generation and Storage) Cost Justification
• DERs will provide:
• Energy (real power) from generators and from storage units
• Reactive power support (volt/var support) to both
distribution and transmission efficiency and stability
• Combined generation and storage can provide rapid
response to mitigate intermittent renewable resources like
wind and solar
• Low voltage ride-through, emergency reserves, harmonicdamping
• Rapid response to frequency deviations
Different DER Interactions: Direct Control,
Interactive Requests, Broadcast/Multicast
DER Key Use Cases Must Cope with Many
Different Configurations
• DER will be managed:
By customers for their own exclusive use
Through direct control by utilities or aggregators
Through market-driven bids, with direct control by utilities
Through market-driven, tariff-based demand response
• Direct, tightly-coupled control
• Between inverter controller and ES-DER device
• Between Customer EMS and multiple ES-DER devices in a building,
subdivision, or campus
• Interactive two-way monitoring and control
• Between ISO/RTO and ES-DER system whose bid has been accepted
• Between Customer EMS and multiple ES-DER systems with their own
(sophisticated) controllers
• Broadcast/multicast one-way “pricing” or “request” signals
• Between utility and Customer EMS
• Between aggregator and ES-DER systems
PV/Storage Inverter-based System Phase 1
Functions and Interactions
Phase 1 Functions
• Connect/Disconnect from grid
• Limit maximum generation
• Set power factor
• Var settings, based on voltage
• Var settings, based on watts
• Storage charge / discharge rate (fast
PEV chargers??)
• “Pricing” signal
• Event / history logging
• State / status reporting
• Time synchronization
• Direct command
• Immediate request
• Change settings
• Schedule of settings based on
• Schedule of settings based on
Phase 2 Functions
• Low voltage ride-through!!
• Counteracting frequency
• Other
One PV/Storage Inverter Mode
IEC 61850-7-420 for DER
• IEC 61850 – Interface Standard of Object Models for Utility Industry
Very modular
Establishes “well-known” standardized names, data formats, and services
Initially focused on substation automation, but now being expanded
• IEC 61850-7-420 for DER
Addresses only the “Nouns”
IEC 61850 object modeling constructs of LNs, etc:
• Covers:
Logical Devices (LD)
Data Objects (DO)
General DER management
Data Data
Photovoltaic systems
Fuel cells
Diesel generation
Standard Data Types
Combined heat and power
Wind power is handled separately (IEC 61400-25)
• Currently status is Final Draft International Standard (FDIS)
Due to become International Standard (IS) by mid-2008
Current Status
• IEEE 1547.8 has its writing groups developing the first draft
of the document
• IEC 61850-90-7 is being developed as a Technical Report
that contains all of the proposed ES-DER additions to IEC
• TR IEC 61850-90-7 will be an informative document that can
(hopefully) be approved by the IEC within 6 months
• With this TR, vendors can start to implement IEC 61850-7-420
even though they recognize that some minor changes might be
• In parallel, these (and other) data objects will be added to IEC
61850-7-420 Ed 2 for normative standardization within 2 years
• Develop a White Paper based on Scoping Document
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