Yaws (Treponema pertenue) - Devin Bryner`s e

Devin Bryner
Yaws is a bacteria.
 It is transmitted through skin-to-skin
contact and enters through a preexisting cut, bite, or scratch.
 It causes warty nodules to appear on the
Three-quarters of the victims are under
15. It’s most common in kids 6-10 years
 It is found in humid tropical regions. It
was believed to have originated in Africa
and spread to other countries through
immigration and slavery.
Most Common Injury
Stage 1: Appears within 90 days of getting
infected, usually under a month. Painless
warty nodules appear on the skin.
 Stage 2: Months to years later, widespread lesions show up. They often
ulcerate and become infected. They
usually heal after six months.
 Stage 3: About 10% develop to stage 3
after 5 to 10 years. Causes widespread
bone, joint, and soft tissue pain. This may
include the bone and cartilage of the nose.
Armed and Dangerous?
I would rate Yaws 3/10 in the degree of
damage caused, but it depends on the
 Stages 1 and 2 don’t cause much
damage, although Stage 2 is very
 Stage 3 causes a lot of damage, but few
people develop that far.
Number of Victims & Most
Effective Weapons
Around 50-150 million people were
affected in the 1950s, but it is unknown
how many people are infected today.
 It is treated by one intramuscular
penicillin injection or by a course of
penicillin tablets. A single oral dose of
azithromycin is also as effective as the