Vitus Bering

By Lukas Vainorius
Table of contents
Who is Vitus Bering
Why he explored
When and where did he explore
How did he explore
Who is Vitus Bering
Vitus Bering was born August,12,1681 in
Denmark ,Horsens his father was Jonas
Svendsen and his mother was Anna Bering
 His father taught him how to navigate
Dutch and Danish flagships
 Interesting fact vitus’ father was not an explorer
Table of contents
Why he explored
Vitus Bering’s goal was to explore uncharted islands
around the arctic circle and to add more land on the
maps of the arctic circle
Vitus was commanded to lead a crew through the arctic
circle after their former captain Peter the great had
died leaving vitus in charge
Vitus and his crew traveled 60,000 kilometers then they got sent back because of strong
Table of contents
When and where he explored
 Vitus Bering finally discovered a
mainland near the arctic circle in 1740
this had appeared to be what we call
Alaska today
 Interesting fact vitus Bering himself wasn’t able to
announce the colonization of Alaska
Table of contents
How did he explore
The path that vitus Bering took is now called the
Bering straight it runs from Russia all the way
through the arctic circle and to Alaska
Vitus Bering was heading back to Russia when
his ship St.Pual hit an ice berg sadly Bering
died of the cold and his crew mates buried him
in what is now called Bering island because of
his death on that island
Table of contents
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