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Interdependence, &
Did you know?
Global Village
S “The new electronic interdependence reconfigures the world
in the image of a global village”
S Canadian, Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuhan
Global Village means…
S Modern electronic devices have the effect of shrinking
time and space by greatly speeding up communication
between different parts of the world
What is Globalization?
S The trend toward greater interconnectedness of the
world’s systems.
S It can be described as a process by which the people of
the world are unified into a single society and function
S What are some results of the global village?
S What are some examples of the world getting smaller?
What does Globalization mean?
To some it means:
- A global village where everyone is linked by the latest
advances in technology
- The reason a local factory shuts down only to reopen
thousands of kilometers away (why?)
- Destruction of local cultures and weakening of traditional
More Key Concepts
technology is making the world seem smaller
S we know more about what is going on in other parts of
the world much more quickly
S trade and transportation has become much easier and
more efficient
• Telephones
• Cell Phones
• Internet –
spread of information
(literature, news, arts, sports, etc.)
• Media – Television, Radio
Goods, Foods, & Travel
• We eat foods from all over the World.
• We wear clothing and shoes produced in
other countries.
• We drive cars made in foreign countries.
• We are able to travel around the World in a
matter of days.
S Which groups of people have not been affected nearly as
much by the improvements in transportation and
communication? Why?
Globalization video
Types of Globalization
S Financial Globalization – interconnection of the world’s financial
S Ex: Asian market results affects N.A. markets
S Economic Globalization – permits easy movement of goods,
production, capital, and resources
S Ex: Free trade, Multinational corporations, EU
S Results: Greater global wealth, increases the difference between
countries’ wealth, creates more power and influence
S Technological Globalization – connections through television,
radio, telephones, internet
Types of Globalization
S Cultural Globalization – harmonization of cultures instead of
distinct local cultures
S Ex: Someone in India eating a donair and watching The Simpsons on
S Political Globalization – adoption of uniform policies
S Ex: NATO (Canada, USA, Mexico)
S Ecological Globalization – seeing earth as a single ecosystem
S Ex: Global warming and the Kyoto Protocol
Types of Globalization
S Sociological Globalization- a belief that all citizens should
be held to the same standards and have the same rights
S Ex: morality of capital punishment, right to practice religion,
equal rights for both men and women
S Geographical Globalization – world becoming borderless
Travel Flights
Travel Time
Miniature Earth
Pros and Cons of Globalization
S Think-pair-share!
S Depending on each other, people’s actions affect other people’s actions
S Has
S Higher rates of communication
New devices
S Telephone, TV, Internet
S The need for everyday items
S Globalization
S Easier to import and export, cheaper - technology
Kathie Lee Gifford
Page 24-25 textbook
S Clothing she endorsed on her
show were made by child
labourers in Honduras
S Our consumer oriented culture
in N.A. is to some extent made
possible by the low standard of
living and low wages paid to
workers in less developed
The things we buy may have an impact on
other parts of the world.
S We may not know where or how the companies we buy
from get products, we just know that we like them and
that we want them
S If abuses are pointed out, will we make different choices?
Nike Vs Toms
Facts about NIKE
-Number of workings making Nike products each day 500,000
- Number of People employed by Indonesia which makes Nike Runners 23,000
- Average daily wage for Indonesian worker making Nike products $1.10
- Average Daily wage for Chinese workers making Nike products $2
- Average daily wage for Vietnamese workers making Nike products is $1.60
- Amount Nike CEO Phil Knights is work.. $ 4.5 Billion
- Nikes 2012 Revenue was $ 22 Billion
- Carolyn Davidson, a Oregon University Student who designed swooshed
charged $ 35 for her design
- Number of Ontario workers who lost their jobs when Nike shifted production to
cheaper non disclosed locations.- 100
- Estimated costs of doubling the 10 cents an hour wage of Nike’s 80,000
Indonesia employees $22 million a year
- Amount Nike paid Michael Jordan for promoting Nike - $ 20 million
- Approx cost of making Nikes $5
- Average retail cost of Nikes - $140
Facts about Toms
- If the world was a village of 100 people 40 would be without shoes.
-Toms Stand for Shoes for Tomorrow
-Their motto is One for One.
- For each pair of Tom shoes that get bought, one pair of Tom shoes to a child in
- Tom shoes are made in China, Ethiopia and Argentina. We are aware of
challenges associated with overseeing a global supply chain and our global staff
actively manages and oversees our suppliers and vendors to ensure that our
corporate responsibility standards are upheld; including the prevention of slavery,
child labor and human trafficking within our supply chain.
-Average cost to make a pair of Tom Shoes - $9
-Average retail cost of Toms - $50
- Toms does not release their financial report, but this company has made millions
of dollars over the last few years.
Other Examples of
S North American and European consumers demand for
coffee and tea leads to farmers in Sri Lanka and Columbia
growing just these crops. When there is a bad crop, farmers
have no other crop to fall back on.
S Aerosol cans and air conditioning usage in N.A. – increase
of skin cancer in Australia
S Burning of fossil fuels – climate change
S Child Labour in India
S Nike Sweatshops
S To be involved with each other, often in very complex ways.
S The decisions in our country affect the lives of people in other
countries and vice versa
The War in Iraq has increased the World oil prices and our gas has
become more expensive. Therefore less people are driving large
vehicles, taxis and public transportation have become more
expensive, and they have a greater demand on them.
S Our human and cultural activities have an impact on Earth and the
environment, and the Earth’s processes also have an impact on is.
Examples: water cycle, oxygen cycle, food chain, positive connection
between education and economic development, deforestation, volcanic
Time-space Convergence
S Technology allows people, goods, and information to move from
one location to another much more quickly than it could before.
S Example: (London to Halifax)
S 1920 (by ship) – 336 hours – 2 weeks
S 1958 (by jet airliner) – 7 hours
Time Savings = 329 hours
Time-space convergence = 329/38 = 8.66 hours/year
Time-space Convergence
S Information (now down to seconds)
S Local levels
S Improved roads, and speedier vehicles
S Also worked in opposite direction
People clogged up the road (everyone bought cars)
Commuting time went up!
S Time-space divergence
Case Study
S Choose.
S Page 32
S #5
S Or #7 omit e)
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