Fort Ticonderoga Location

Lake Champlain in northeastern New York.
Served as a key point of access to both
Canada and the Hudson River Valley
during the French and Indian War.
On May 10,1775, Benedict Arnold of
Massachusetts joined Ethan Allen and
the Green Mountains Boys of Vermont in
a surprise attack against British. This was
the first American Victory of the
Revolutionary War, and would give them
artillery for the Continental Army.
Green Mountain Boys
“In the Name of the
Great Jehovah and the
Continental Congress.”
In July,1777 Fort Ticonderoga
British general John Burgoyne
managed to place a cannon on
Mountain Defiance and forced
Ticonderoga's army under the
command of General Arthur St.
Clair to evacuate. On November
the redcoats abandoned the fort
permanently following Burgoyne
surrender at Saratoga.
John Burgoyne
The redcoats
Born in England, he is
remembered for his defeat
by superior American
forces in the Saratoga
(New York) campaign of
His forces captured Fort
Ticonderoga on July 1777.
Born in Scotland and
served in the British
Army in North America
during the French and
Indian War.
He had a promotion in
1777, he was sent to
command at