The Miwok - Mrs. Pope`s Class

By Paige Lambert
Where they lived?
The Miwok were
consisted of smaller tribes
:the Eastern Miwok, the Lake
Miwok, and the Coast
Miwok. The Eastern Miwok
lived in the Nevada
mountains, Sacramento , and
Compton. The Lake Miwok
lived from Clear Lake to
Pope-valley. The Coast
Miwok lived north of San
The Miwok had
different homes depending
where they live. The Lake
Miwok lived in round multifamily homes. The Eastern
Miwok homes were made
out of long strips of bark.
They had fire pits in the
center of the home to make
the food warm to eat. They
made their beds from tule
and made their pillows from
grass. They use pine needles
to cover the floor.
The Miwok ate many
different kinds of food. They
gathered acorns and hunted
deer, rabbits, and elks. They
ate black bears and grizzly
bears. They got their food by
fishing fish and kelp. They
pounded acorns into meal
which could be made into
mush or bread. They ate
greens plants to eat fresh.
The Miwok men and
women had different jobs
that were important. The
men hunted and fished. The
women butchered the
animals that the men killed.
Women also gathered the
Miwok food. Women made
tule skirts and jewelry. In the
winter men would make foot
drums, rattles, reed flutes,
and bone whistles.
The Miwok wore
certain kinds of clothes in
certain seasons . In the
summer they wore very
little clothing. Men and
women tattooed their
chins. In the colder
months they wore fur
robes to keep warm.
Women wore dresses
from deer hide.
Celebrations and
The Miwok had
many different celebrations
and ceremonies. They had a
Uzumati or grizzly bear
ceremony. When a marriage
happens the man has to give
the woman a gift but the
woman has to accept the gift
to have a marriage. Some
dancers were held for fun
and entertainment.
Interesting Facts!
Here are some
interesting facts about the
Miwok myth. They had a myth
called Old Man Coyote. The
Miwok people believed that
Old Man Coyote created people
and land. The myth is that Old
Man Coyote took some mud
and then took his tule blanket
and shook it to the North, West,
East ,and South. In a flash the
mud grew into land . Since he
had land he stuck sticks in the
ground and named them and
they became people.
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