Omalaeti Technologies Social Media and CSI

Social Media and Corporate Social Responsibility
Presented by Beaton Nyamapanda
Chief Technology Officer – Omalaeti Technologies
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What is social media?
Social media is a social instrument of
Social media is the collection of online
communications channels dedicated to communitybased input, interaction, content-sharing and
Social media is a two way communication medium
Social Media – the big guys
Google Plus
Our Experience with Namibian Social
Media landscape
Companies were reluctant to invest in social media
After convincing them of the need social media
No social media policy or plan
Haphazard and inconsistent interactions with clients
No top management support
No recognition of social media efforts
Benefits of Social Media for CSI
Social Media is a powerful communication vehicle that can
amplify CSI messages and label a company as a good corporate
Tool for listening, monitoring, and responding to conversations
about your CSI efforts and relevant trends in the field.
Social Media is a natural fit for CSI.
Social Media is a world-wide phenomenon for organizations to
If a company does not use Social Media for CSI, stakeholders will
assume nothing is being done.
Social media allows companies to influence and view the
behaviour of their customers
CSI and Social Media
What can companies do?
Beat your own drum (if you have CSI initiatives you are
running use social media to let people aware)
Create your own media (Social media is free, all it
requires is time investment)
Communicate directly with those involved (if your CSI
initiatives are so good for the community, social media
allows you to measure value addition to society)
CSI and Social Media
What can companies do?....cont
Respond to negative and positive feedback
Listen to feedback and respond in an authentic way
Listen & Learn - assess the needs of the communities
where you do business to determine which social issues to
address (via social media)
Always remember: Social Media is a Conversation, treat it
as such. Its two way communication, its not a press
release (Don't just broadcast information, consume it as
CSI and Social Media
What can companies do?....cont
Keep your social media presences up-to-date and respond
to your followers
Encourage Sharing - One of the great things about social
media is its power to spread information quickly
Thank you for your time
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