Potato Pathfinder Project

Potato Pathfinder Project
Mike Neaverson – Farmcare
(formerly The Co-operative Farms)
12th August 2014
Potato Pathfinder Project – reasons for
• We control the entire supply chain – growing, packing, retailing.
• Advantages in analysis across the supply chain to identify savings.
• Having WRAP involved helps to break down barriers.
• We had already identified that potatoes were a high wastage area.
• A separate project gives space to examine practices in depth.
Our Supply Chain
Potato Pathfinder Project – delivery
• Packable yield improvements through trickle tape irrigation could increase
supply chain profitability by more than £100,000
• Every 1% improvement in packed yield (e.g. through variety choice) can
save >£50,000 in losses across the value chain
• Developing a product range for ‘smalls’ could eliminate >£250,000 in lost
value – as well as generating new value
• Reducing allowable size for maincrop varieties by 2mm could improve
supply chain profitability by £100,000
• Energy savings of >£40,000/year could be possible through improving poor
performing cold stores
• Spring / Summer promotions of maincrop potatoes could cost an
additional £30,000 or more in storage energy and product weight loss
• Saving in excess of £50,000/year through reviewing packaging systems and
Potato Pathfinder Project – next steps
• Using findings to inform ranging and promotions on potatoes
• Using findings on farms to invest in irrigation
• Using information gleaned to make case by case decisions on
headland cropping. Beneficial in some cases, but not others.
• Looking at application of process and the tool developed to
other areas.
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