to upload "The Hunger Games" PowerPoint

There are four sectors. Your tribute will
represent you.
If your tribute wins the jeopardy style
game, your entire sector will receive 10
points added to your next exam.
Please be polite….. Or your team will lose
points. I know how you like points!
Your desk should be
completely clear.
 If you have any items on
your desk, your sector
will be promptly
 Tributes come to the
front and take your seat.
I am proud of those who have been
attending my class more regularly. I
know who you are.
Applaud now.
 She will be keeping score and identify
who buzzes in first.
You must write your answer on a white
board. No abbreviations.
 It must be legible with correct spelling.
 Then you must “buzz” in.
 You have 8 seconds until the round
moves on…..
 The audience is not allowed to help.
 Perry will be monitoring all of this.
1. Some of you are very emotional and
grubbing for points. For one hour of your
life today, try to have fun and act like a
teenager and celebrate your
accomplishments and the brilliance that
makes you who you are.
If you have a question about your grade,
please make an appointment with me.
 Please don’t collectively ambush me at
the end of class. I have had a long day
too. Yes, it only seems to be emotionally
charged teenage girls with bows.
Kilowatt Hours: Recall 1000 watts = 1
Kilowatt Hour
 Coal
 Natural Gas
Kyoto Protocol
 Clean Air Act
Melting Glaciers.
2. Increased Temperatures
3. Ocean Levels Rising (thermal expansion)
4. Unpredictable and Unusual Weather
5. Increased Carbon Dioxide Levels as
Measured in Hawaii.
Reduce fossil fuel usage!
Suggest alternative sources.
From closest to Earth and up.
Protects us from cancer causing UV Rays.
The blending of two ecosystems or a
zone of transition.
The removing of salt from water to
create a fresh source of potable drinking
 Largest desalination plant is located in
the Middle East.
7 Billion (Of course)
J – Populates rapidly,
Typically organisms from
a lower trophic level.
The amount of fecal matter present.
Indicator of sewage contamination.
Energy is neither created nor destroyed,
but may be converted from one form to
“Law of Conservation of Energy”
Perfect agricultural soil with optimal
portions of sand, silt, clay (40%, 40%, 20%)
Any water-bearing layer in the ground.
 In a terrestrial ecosystem, the maximum
biomass occurs in producers, and there is
progressive decrease in biomass from
lower to higher trophic levels.