Cover sheet terrestrial biomass lab

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Topic: Terrestrial Biomass
Topic Covers: 2.1.2-2.1.3 & 2.3.3
The students were taught the different terminology and concepts pertaining to
terrestrial biomass and its calculation. Theory included trophic levels and ecological
pyramids. They were given a general overview of the experiment as well as the
method and then asked to complete it in groups. Students were required to assess the
biomass at each trophic level found within an ecosystem. Students were required to
develop their own hypothesis, and identify the relevant variables. They were also
required to collect and process data, discuss and evaluate their results and provide a
valid conclusion on their own.
For this investigation students were provided with:
 Method
 Verbal explanation
For this investigation, students were asked to complete the following:
 Aim
 Hypothesis
 Variables
 Data Collection and Processing
 Discussion, Evaluation and Conclusion
Criterion assessed is
Criterion assessed
Level of achievement (e.g. pnp)
Level of achievement awarded (e.g. 4)