Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Fall 2011
Special Offer Tips
- offer a once a year deep discount for our products
(need to keep up with retail shopping that day)
- offer free wrapping or free shipping
Home Set Up Tips
- set up holiday products on dining table, health and
wellness products in kitchen and make-up and Re9
Advanced on coffee table
- serve protein bars, holiday recipe protein shakes, and a
fizzy stick mocktails
Send out an email to all your Preferred Clients and Clients to
take advantage of shopping online with Arbonne at a
- Send the email the night before Cyber Monday and call
them that day to follow-up.
(example: 50% off products that day only)
- Arbonne will be hosting their own specials coming from corporate and
emailing preferred clients directly. We can take that special and add our
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