Daily Peer Massage Routine
Daily Massage Routine
Ask permission to
touch your partner
Hands on shoulders, breathe in
through your nose, out through
your mouth x 3
eye glasses x 3
Make three circles around the shoulder blades.
Stroke out to the arms and hold
cat grip
Stand at the side of the person receiving the massage
with one hand behind the neck and the other on the
head. Take a ‘cat grip’ around the neck and make gentle
movements with the fingers on one side and the thumb
on the other side.
baker / kneading
Place hands on shoulders and make
gentle squeezing movements with the
palm and fingers.
climbing down a rope x 3
Have partner put one arm back . Place one hand just
under the arm pit. Press firmly yet gently and ‘climb’,
hand over hand, down the arm to the hand.
bunny hops
Climb down a rope (see before).
Press gently with thumbs in the palm of
the hands. Climb back up the rope.
hearts x 3
Begin at the base of the spine, with one hand either side of the spine.
Move the hands upward making a small heart- shaped formation, and
coming back down to the base of the spine. Continue making a larger
and a larger heart shaped formations.
scooping x 3
Place your right arm on the left shoulder and make gentle
half circles with arm and wrist. (scoop)
Repeat with the left arm on the right shoulder.
Foundation classes might like to do this without the cross
body action.
forehead stroke x 3
Place the fingers on the forehead and stroke around to
the side. Hold the head for a couple of seconds.
Place fingers on top of hair, make circles with fingertips.
sliding board x 3
Stroke from thetop of the head down the neck and over the
butterfly x 3
Hands on the middle of the back. With one hand cross over
diagonally to the opposite shoulder. Give a little press and
bring hand back to the beginning. Repeat with the other hand.
bear walk x 3
Place hands on either side of the spine, almost at the bottom
of the spine. Press one hand after the other ‘walk’ up the
ice skating x 3
Place the sides of the hands parallel on each side of the
spine. Move hands back and forth up the spine
brushing the horse x 3
Stroke with one flat hand at a time from the neck down the
centre of the back.
brushing off the snow x3
Stroke rather quickly out from the spine, down the back
from shoulders to hip.
Hands on shoulders, breathe in
through your nose, out through
your mouth x 3
Everyone say
‘thank you’
to each other.