My Olympic Hero!

My Olympic Hero!
Jessica Ennis…
• Introducing Jessica
• All about Jessica’s running
• Jessica’s scores
• Jessica’s Medal Record
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Introducing Jessica…
• Jessica was born in Sheffield on the 8th of
January 1986(she’s twenty-six years old).
• Her parents are Vinnie Ennis and Alison
• She is 1.65m (5 feet and 5 inches)
• She has a pet Labrador named Myla!
• Not only is she a great runner she also
writes a column for The Times newspaper.
• Her parents are divorced.
All about Jessica’s running!
• Jessica is an Olympic runner.
• She turned into a pro runner in 2005.
• In 2008 she sprained her ankle and was unable to
attend the Olympics so she attended the
Paralympics! This means she never gives up!
• The train’s at ‘The City of Sheffield Athletic Club’.
• In this year’s(2012) Olympics she has won six
gold medals for the heptathlon and pentathlon.
• She is very proud to be British.
Jessica’s score in the Olympics 2012
• In the Olympic finals for pentathlon and
heptathlon she came first.
Personal best scores:
• Heptathlon-6,955 points
• Pentathlon-4,937 points
Jessica’s Medal Record!
This shows a record of
Jessica Ennis’s medals
over the last 5 years. She
has won 4 gold, 2 silver
and bronze. That shows
she’s a gold star athlete.
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