The Atlantic World 1450 * 1750: All you need to know

The Atlantic World 1450 – 1750:
How far did the Atlantic World change?
Putting it into context…
The Afro-Eurasian Network
-Silk Road
- Indian Ocean Trade
-Trans-Saharan Trade
American Trade
- Stone Age
-Meso-American hub
Indian Ocean Hub
- Chinese goods
- Indian goods
-Arab/European traders
The Big Themes…
Trade – the great Catalyst…
The Columbian Exchange
Plants, animals, and micro-organisms of Afroeurasia were
exchanged with those of the Americas across the oceans.
The Middle
Passage – Slavery
•European migration
•Economic dependence
•Native depopulation.
•Multi-racial societies
•Commercial Agriculture
•Population growth
•Migrations – America
•Technological development
•Migration - Slavery
•Economic dependence
•Gender imbalance
Any continuities?
Slavery had always been a part of the
African economy and society.
Europe remains ethnically
Traditional African culture, religion,
society did continue.
Traditional Native American culture,
religion & society did continue.
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