The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal
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What bodies of water does it
The two bodies of water the Suez Canal connects are the
Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The Mediterranean sea is
then connected to the Atlantic ocean.
What Countries are
 Egypt is the main country
involved with the Suez Canal.
 Although many countries use
this strait to transport goods,
oils and many other things
Egypt has complete and total
control over this canal.
 The length and width of the Suez Canal when it was
first built were 164 km long and 8m deep.
 As of 2010 the Suez Canal is 193.30 km long, 24 m
deep and 205 m wide.
Why is the Suez Canal
 The Suez Canal is a shortcut
like many other straits. Many
countries like Africa and the
U.S. transport crude oil, oil,
and many goods using this
 Countries from the far east
also use this strait to transport
goods and oils.
 Europe also used this strait to
colonize Africa.
Impact upon closing
 If this strait were to be closed no
ships would be able to transport
any goods and oils.
 Boats would have to travel around
Africa to Europe to transport
goods and oils.
Military and Economy
 The U.S. use this strait to drive warships through. They
also use this strait to transport ammunition to other
 This strait affects the economy because of the frequent
trades of goods and oils. Without this strait some
countries wouldn’t be able to get certain goods.
 This strait is an advantage to the countries on both
sides of it because instead of traveling around Africa
they could cut through these series of straits. Traveling
around Africa would take many more months.
What moves through this
 Things that move through
this strait are goods from
south Asia to Europe and
also military boats carrying
ammunition and people.
Physical Geography
 The Suez Canal is located by Egypt.
 The Canal cuts through the desert.
 Also located by Israel and is connected by many other
Human Geography
 Egypt recently had a change in government. Egypt has
then became more unstable. Recently people are
having a strike which resulted into a shut down of the
Suez Canal.
 The Suez canal is controlled by Egyptians and Saudi
The End
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