Scouting During the World War 2

Scouting During the World War 2
For 1st Eccleshall Scout Group 70th
Year 1939
April 27th 1939 – Conscription introduced
Sept 1st 1939 – Evacuation of children from London
Sept 3rd 1939 – Declaration of War on Germany
Sept 3rd 1939 – May 8th 1945 – Battle of the Atlantic
Sept 1939 – March 1940 – The Phoney War
Year 1940
January 8th 1940 – Rationed Books Introduced
May 10th 1940 – Fall of France
– Churchill becomes PM
May 26th 1940 – Evacuation of Dunkirk
June 28th 1940 – Channel Islands Invaded
July 16th 1940 Battle of Britain Started
August 25th 1940 – The Blitz (May 21st 1940)
Year 1941
Battles around the Mediterranean and North Africa
Battle of the Atlantic on-going
Year 1942
July 1st 1942 – First Battle of El Alamien
October 23rd – November 4th 1942 – Second Battle of El Alamien
Battle of the Atlantic on-going
Frank Davies of the Bermondsey and
Rotherhithe (St James) Group who died on
8th December 1940 at Trinity Church,
Dockhead, London. He was awarded the
Bronze Cross for conspicuous bravery and
devotion to duty as an Air Raid Warden
having rescued a fellow Scout Messenger
he was killed in enemy action.
London again was the scene of another
award this time the Silver Cross given
to Patrol Leader George Collins a Sea
Scout of the 12th Shoreditch (Jubilee)
Scouts assisting Londoners sheltering during the Blitz on the platform of
Holborn Underground Station, circa 1940
Scouts Collecting Paper for Recycling
Poster advertising that Scouts in Kenton could perform jobs for
the local community, circa 1942
Scouts at a Forestry Camp
Scouts during Harvest Time
Sea Scouts During World War 2
Sea Scout Ship Minotaur
Map used by the Crew of the Minotaur at Dunkirk
Sea Scouts on Coast Watching Duties
Just to finish off:
• BBC’s People in story from World
War – Scouts
Pause for thought:
In these credit crunch times many war time philosophies are
coming back into fashion such as ‘make do and mend’,
recycling, grow your own food and slogans such as ‘keep
calm and carry on’ have re-emerged into popular culture.
As we have discovered Scouting wherever it took place rose
to the challenges they faced and those same values still exist
in the modern day
The Scout Movement provides young adults with the training
needed to take a lead and manage life’s highs and lows.
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