Life and Works of T.D.A Lingo

Author: Nino Roso
A beautifully photographed historical narrative of a Great Genius
T.D. Lingo’s Story
"My story unfolds with me as a
General Patton's army in World
War II. The war was horrible on the
front lines. My group was one of the
first to arrive at Hitler's death
camps to liberate the remaining
survivors. After I got back home to
the U.S. I went to the University of
Chicago, and earned my bachelor
and masters degrees in behavioral
science, and almost completed my
Ph.D. My experiences during the
war drove me to ask but one
question: "Why must I kill my
brother?" To this, my school and
professors had no answer. But one
professor's advice was "If there is
an answer to this question, it's up
here," pointing to his own gray
head. "The answer has got to be in
the human brain, but the research
hasn't yet been done in academe.
You're going to have to build your
own research center if you are
going to solve that riddle."
Letter head of Lingo’s LP from 50’s
* **
"So, I dropped out of my Ph.D.
program and started to figure out
how to put my own research
facility together. I didn't have any
money, but I could tell a good
story! So, I figured, if there was a
fortune to be made in a hurry,
maybe I could do it in show
business...Turns out I was right...I
bought this mountain and built
this place with a guitar, three
chords, and nine folk songs."
"I started out playing the local
eventually I landed a spot on
Groucho Marx's You Bet Your Life
TV show in Hollywood. I wore
these old buckskins and I played
the part of a backwoods mountain
man to perfection. It was during
that appearance that a New York
producer spotted me. He must
have said "I know a good phony
when I see one, and that son of a
bitch is a great one!" They flew me
out to New York City and signed
me to do a summer replacement
show on NBC. My show was a
weekly one where the "new" fad of
folk singing (in the late 50's) was
featured. People like Burl Ives and
Woody Guthrie showed up as
guests, and performed with me.
What a time we had...and I got
paid $2000 an hour to do it!
On the last show, I looked
straight into the camera and
asked the million viewers
who were watching, "If
anybody out there has a
mountain to sell, call me."
And sure enough, somebody
called me up right from
Colorado. At the end of the
summer, I took my money,
two grocery sacks full, and
ran! I gave one to the IRS
and I bought this place,
Laughing Coyote Mountain,
with the other. I started to
axe timber and build log
cabin labs. That was in 1957.
bleak lab walls for me...give
me fresh air and the
beautiful sounds of the
forest to think clearly!"
"For the next 30 years I dedicated myself totally to exploring behavior from
the perspective of the human brain. My staff and I looked at every available
bit of scientific research and philosophic/religious literature on the subject.
We ran our own short and long term experiments with 309 test subjects. Now,
up here, this environment of rugged mountain wilderness provides a total
focus into the self that never can be replicated in any city, with all the noise
and distractions. Up here, there's no electricity, no TV, or movies, no four lane
highways to get away from it all. You ARE away from it all!
Up here, you face yourself, your mind, and your brain. The brain lab still doesn't
have electrical power lines, or even running water. It's just you, the hand water
pump, a wood stove, and your central nervous system. Our lab's records grew
voluminous. These log structures were crammed full of file cabinets. The books line
the walls from the stone floors to the ceiling rafters, 18 feet up. In the end, we
discovered the mechanisms to release startling new intelligence, creativity, and
pleasure, inside each and every human brain. And all our findings are supported
and corroborated with foundation findings by scientists elsewhere."
Brain and Behavior Researcher T.D.A. Lingo, Ph.B., B.Sci. M.A.
Life is Love
In Holy Robes
Merely Popp
Your Frontal Lobes
Be a Child
Laugh -- and then Grow up Quick
Mutate -- Transcend!
Lingo is Talking about the Size, Circa 1974
(The Multiple Orgasms -Component)
A Quote from Westword Newspapper:
The year before, Dumas--and through him,
Westword readers--had made the acquaintance
of a man who didn't need much companionship.
Brain researcher T.D. Lingo could take care of
Some night in the mountains around
Blackhawk, you might hear a terrible sound. It
is a huge, hoarse bellow that builds to an earshattering crescendo, then tapers off to a
tortured noise will echo over and over for an
hour or more. But do not be afraid. It is not a
wild beast or some terrible mutant caused by
radiation from Rocky Flats.
It is just T.D. Lingo having 250 orgasms.
Here is a man who says we can learn to use all
that dormant grey matter sitting inside our
heads, in the process undergoing a physical
metamorphosis that allows men and women of
all ages to experience up to 250 orgasms every
time they engage in sex...
(‘Clicking’ the Amygdala -Component)
This phrase is coined by T.D.A. Lingo
and it refers to either automatic
(reactive non-deliberate) or conscious
deliberate activation of amygdaloid
body processes (by cortex influence).
The power to click is a simple gift from
life. The clicking is a simple shunting
of incoming neutral-valenced cosmic
consciousness backward into old
rootstern. or forward into frontal lobes,
as needed; as self-chosen.
The purpose of choosing to master the
skill of brain self-control is to choose
each moment's state of consciousness--state of ego; is to maximize your
primary creative production--- preconscious production--- of work for
mankind and humankind; is to help
perfect planet Earth via educating
child to whole brain harmony; is to
understand and flow with cosmic unity.
Once you have made the conscious intellectual
decision to step beyond Aristotelian scientific
categories separating all things and all time,
your brain automatically starts re-matrixing
past fixed neurons back into child cognitive fix:
that which perceives unity between self, life,
time. But now matured. Egoless.
Once you have experienced the overwhelmingly
powerful beatitude of natural cosmic unity, you
can duplicate it again. In time, you will develop
the skill of programming your self/environment
to flow into cosmic unity at will. For the grim
economic/politic reality of today forbids you to
stay there perpetually.
The ultimate paradox of consciousness
expansion in America is that survival of the
fittest naturally selects those who can control
brain through both competitive consciousness as
well as cooperative consciousness; who can click
backward into self-defensive ego when fighting
for survival against fools and evils as well as
click forward into nature-flow/Taoflow
Egolessness when sharing love with soulmates.
Homo Novus.
~ Cosmic Dirt ~
Neil Slade often claims to be acting in behalf of the Lingo estate. In all fairness, we should
look at then entire chain of events that transpired upon Lingo's death. To begin with Neil
Slade was one of the first individuals to find out about the death of TD. Upon hearing of
Lingo's death, Neal took it upon himself to go to the property of Lingo and take at least 2
known items...a 1940's Martin guitar, and a preserved brain. A 1940's Gibson banjo was
also taken, and is in the possession of one Harmony Asning Stang. It took the Lingo's family
members several days to arrive from San Francisco, and other individual arrived on the
property the weekend following Lingo's estate.
One individual who was familiar with the property inventory found that almost everything of value had
gone missing. This included, but was not limited to: 3 chain saws, WWII medals and uniforms that were
TD's, a Nazi flag and luger, a Winchester 30-06, numerous tools, post hole digger, etc. The whereabouts of
these items are still unknown. If Slade states that he is acting in behalf of the Lingo Estate, then he
should be able to produce legal documents stating such. To date none of these documents have ever been
presented, most likely because they do not exist. Consequently, it would be safe to say that Slade does not
represent the Estate of Lingo. The family of Lingo had a very negative perception of Slade. The accused
Slade of: 1) supplying TD with copious amounts of Vodka, which one family member swears lead to the
death of Lingo. It should be noted that Lingo had a congenital heart disease and no correlation between
Lingo's vodka consumption and deal was ever made. 2) the family was steep in religion, and was deeply
offended when they found statements in Lingo's journal that Slade had provided Lingo with very young
women, women that Lingo had sex with. Given these 2 perceptions of Slade by the family, then it seems
highly unlikely that they would put Slade in charge of any intellectual or real property of TD Lingo. All
that Neal Slade needs to do to clear this matter is present the legal documentation.
One only has to go to the Slade website to see that Slade has assumed the duty of being Lingo's
protégée. Slade likes to post letters that Lingo wrote him. Letters where Lingo showers Slade with
praise and all kinds of accolades. Slade also states that Lingo wanted him to "inherit" all of Lingo's
real property. This, according to Slade, was made in front of several witnesses. But, unfortunately
is inadmissible in court. To add credibility to his own self-worth, Slade likes to belittle others.
This belittling includes posting posting for public perusal personal letters between Lingo and other
individuals. Besides being unethical, one has to question why a "successful" person like Slade
would resort to such tactics? Does it matter to Slade's work what Lingo said about someone 20-30
years ago? Heck, I had a girlfriend in 1985. So what? It is time to move on, but for some reason
Slade feels that he must air his dirty laundry in public. Any program that is valid, will stand on its
own merits and the capitalist marketplace will ultimately determine the acceptance of such. But
the real question to be addressed is: "Does Slade properly represent the work of TD Lingo?"
Ultimately, if Slade's program is truly a representation of Lingo's work then it should have: a
primal nature component, it should teach self-therapy, and it should emphasize community
service. To just grab a marketing gimmick like "amydala clicking" or "multiple orgasms" and run
with it, is to avoid the ultimate goal of TD Lingo. That goal was to help the individual attain full
emotional maturation in order to save planet earth. You mature by doing your therapy within
primal nature, and you help save the planet by helping others and working for the good of others
and the planet. Words are just words, but the actions of any man or woman can tell us all that we
need to know to determine if the individual is truly sincere in helping the planet survive...and this
is what Lingo wanted.
♫♫ ..Goodbye songs to thee.. ♪♫
Oh adios, my Mountain Friend
Sun has set, day at its end
Wind is cold, campfire is low
Trail is down, Oh adio... ♪♫
So long, it’s been good to know ya
So long, it’s been good to know ya
So long, it’s been good to know ya
That sunny ol’ sundown is blessin my home
And you gotta be driftin along ... ♫♫
T.D. Lingo
(19__ to 1993?)
Founder and Director
Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory
Dormant Brain Release School
Socrates Press
Laughing Coyote Mountain
Black Hawk, Colorado
He lived and worked for one goal:
That others may become enlightened and powerful
For the benefit of all of humankind.
A light in the darkness, a hermit upon his mountain;
He lit the path toward the mountain top –
For all or us.
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