Sopross Sopros Hotel Bakuriani

სასტუმრო სოფროსს ბაკურიანი
 Hotel “Sopross” is situated near the best skiing
plateaus in the resort Bakuriani.
Hotel is exceptionally close to Kokhta Gora – the
most visited skiing route (only two minutes to get
by foot);
The hotel “Sopross” is surrounded by the most
beautiful nature and unforgettable landscapes.
Distance from ski lift KOKHTA : 0.2 km
Distance from Bakuriani center: 1.0 km
 Sopross Hotel is an apartment-style boutique hotel
located in Bakuriani, Georgia;
 Sopross was constructed and put into operation in year
 It is a Georgian two-floor plus mansard house built
and decorated with natural wood, bricks, stones and
other eco-materials;
 Building fully corresponds to international standards
of high-mountain constructions.
 Hotel “Sopross” is located in the best area of Bakuriani
 It is surrounded with pine-forest from 3 sides;
 Google maps address: 41.75279306952, 43.553012342037
 TOTAL territory area – 1300 sqm;
 Building area – 670 sqm;
 Subsidiary buildings located on the territory:
- Boiler-house with supply-room – 40 sqm;
- Building for labor – 30 sqm.
- The total hotel area is surrounded with river-stone
I floor:
 Standard rooms (2+2 types), size of room 25m² - 3 rooms;
Every room has bathrooms, fridge, electric range, TV satellite, drop-down sofa for
2 persons, tables and chairs, hot/cold water, hitting.
On the first floor there is a living room for all guests, with sofas, chairs, fireplace,
billiard, toys for children, Wi-Fi and TV, Ski room and a bathroom;
A separate large kitchen is equipped with all-type handy tools.
Outside there is a large terrace with a mountain-view and exterior furniture for
your comfort, yard, playground for children, security and parking places.
Rooms have Classic decorations.
II floor
 Standard rooms (2+2 types), size of room 25m² - 5 rooms;
 DeLux room (2+2 types), size of room 27 m² – 1 room;
 Luxe rooms (2+2 types), size of room 40m² - 1 room;
Every room has fully-equipped mini kitchen, fridge, electric
range, TV satellite, bathrooms, drop-down sofa for 2 persons,
tables and chairs, hot/cold water, hitting.
Rooms have modern decorations.
 Bakuriani is one of the beautiful mountain resorts in the world. It is situated on
the northern slope of the Trialeti Range in the Borjomi Valley of Georgia, at the
altitude of 1,700 m (5,576 ft). Kokhtagora (2,155 m), from which one could see
peaks of the Caucasus Range, is the jewel of Bakuriani.
 Vacationing in Bakuriani is rewarding and interesting during all seasons:
wood-covered mountains, mineral water springs, unique tourist routes towards
spectacular natural or cultural monuments of the Borjomi Valley. All of this is a
guarantee of our health and good mood.
 During early autumn, berries and mountain fruits ripen in Bakuriani. Go and
collect raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and gooseberries in
the woods, or together with friends fill buckets with mushrooms!
 During the fall, the motorway towards Bakuriani is especially beautiful. It
follows upwards forest-covered slopes. Against the verdure of coniferous
forests, yellowish and reddish foliage of trees and thick bushes flesh out in
thousand hues. And the caravans of mist turned into white ships incessantly
float in the gorges and over slopes.
 Contact Details:
 Phone Geo: +995595768787
 Phone France: +33610575498
Address Koba Tsakadze(tsriuli) 11
Bakuriani, Georgia
Email - [email protected]
skype - sopross7
SOPROSS VIP Apartments – hotel in Bakuriani
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