Sea lion

Sea lions
Water Lions
Power Point by: Gabby
 My
animals name is sea lions.
 Its scientific name is Pinnipeds Finfooed.
 There are different kinds of sea lions.
 Sea lions are mammals.
Physical Features
Sea lions have pointed snout
Short thick fur and sensitive whiskers ears that
you can see
Back flippers fold for work on land
They do not have tails
The male weighs 907 kg
The female weighs 272 kg
Sea lions are mostly brown and a little black
Life Span
 Sea
can live up
to 15 20
 They are
listed as a
lower risk
 California
sea lions live in the California
 The arctic sea lion lives in the arctic oceans
 Some are found in costal water of Mexico
 In
the year the water turns cold when it is
snowing out or if is just cold out
 When it is hot outside that is when the
water starts to be warm
 Sea
lions get all there food from the
 Sea lions eat cod, flounder, squid, and
 Sea lions mostly feed at night
 They capture there prey hold it tightly in
there jaws
 The
sea lions predator is a shark and a
killer whale
 In a fight with either shark or killer whale.
 Even the largest of the sea lions is almost
 When
they hear a predator they run out
of the ocean
 There mom and there pups should safe
 If the water is to shallow for a shark or a
killer whale
 Breeding
takes place from may and
 By the pups from there mother
Physiological Adaptations
 The
eyes of a sea lion are well adapted
for seeing underwater
 Sea lions can see in the back so if a
preder comes they can fight
Behavioral Adaptations
sea lions starts swimming when it only
about ten days old which helps it get
 The pup follows its mother to a tide pool,
where the water is shallow and calm
 The pup plays together very close to shore
to stay safe
Physical Adaptations
 Sea
lions use both flippers and back
flippers to walk
 Sea lions rear flippers can be moved
forward so it can move on land
 The front flippers can rotate backward to
support there weight
Fun facts
 Sea
lions can hold there breath for 2 hours
in the water
 Sea lions are in the familyof the seals
 Sea lions can not survive
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