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Tensile membrane Structures
• Skyspan is an industry leader in the design,
manufacture and installation of commercial and
residential shade products
• Skyspan fabric is designed to be weather resistant
• Skyspan Shade provides a comprehensive after sales
service including all aspects of inspection,
maintenance and upgrades
Skyspan Product Descriptions
• Shade Sail and Structures - PVC waterproof
or HDPE shade cloth fabrics are used to cover
large areas with little impact from support posts
– Water resistant fabric
• Tensile Membranes - Skyspan combines fabric of
high tensile strength and flexibility together with
a support system to form stable bent surfaces of
certain firmness
– Features lightweight structure, fire-resistance, ease of
fabrication, quick installation, energy savings and low
• Commercial Umbrellas - made from a PVC coated
polyester fabric which is both 100% waterproof
and UV proof
Shade Sails
Tensile Membrane
Commercial Umbrella Styles
Additional Styles
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