All About Eastern screech Owls!

You will learn about 3 awesome
Chloe Hittle,
Isabella Hutchison,
and Lily Berridge
They can be mostly gray or sometimes mostly reddishbrown, what ever the color their pattern has spots that
give them great camouflage in a tree and their eyes are
Eastern screech owls are short with a big head and
almost no neck. It’s wings are round and it’s tail is
This kind of owl is usually in most kinds of woods,
particularly close to water, it shuns treeless expanses of
The serval cat, found in most parts of Africa. Even in parts
of the Western tip of Southern Africa, and area’s of the
tropical rainforest belt of Central Africa.
The serval cat can jump very high almost 8 feet! Serval’s
live in where there there is a lot of water of Savannah long
grass environment , and are associated with water sources.
The main threats to servals are leopards,dogs,and of course
The Northern Vested Anteaters spend most of
the time in mostly hollow trees, but they
move ,feed, and rest on the ground.
They can’t gallop on ground like most
anteaters but with stiff legs. They are very
clumsy. They may be nocturnal or diurnal
and are playful for about 8 hours of the day.
They eat insects such as termites, and ants.
They find their pray by sent.
Lily Berridge
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