NCT - Easy To Commute Travel Scheme

NCT - Easy
To Commute
NCT - Easy To Commute (ETC)
Employee Travel Scheme
• A simple scheme for employers to assist staff to
enjoy savings on their travel to work costs
• No cost to employer
• Low levels of administration for payroll
• Reduces employers car parking requirements
• Avoids the Work Place Parking Levy
• A greener alternative for commuters
• An effective to give your staff a pay rise
by helping with their travel costs
NCT – ETC scheme benefits
Save up to 1/3rd of staff monthly travel costs
Annual saving £213 on monthly renewals
Unlimited travel on NCT from £1.15 per day
Free weekend travel (green cards only)
Similar options for part-time workers and
staff travelling from further afield available
How does it work?
• Based on the NCT Easyrider Travel Card
• 93% NCT customers purchase 1 month
or less - £52.75 per month (£1.70 per day)
• Employer purchases a years worth of travel £420
(£1.15 per day) for employee
•Employer deducts 1/12 of the cost (£35) for pay
each month
• Employees can opt to join the scheme each month
for 1 year – NCT work with your HR staff
• Minimum entry of 5 employees joining the scheme
Personalised Publicity Material
for your staff – paper & electronic
NCT – Easy to Commute scheme
• Help your staff save money when travelling
to work with NCT ETC at no cost to your
• For more information contact – Nicola Tidy
NCT 0115 9766718
[email protected]
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