3 The Crucible - American Literature

By Nathan H
Travis S
Julia B
Dani L
Hypocrisy is a belief or value that a person
may act as if they posses, but in reality, they do
Example: When doctors tell you not to smoke,
and then they are avid smokers themselves.
They claimed to be good Christians but they go
against their Christian beliefs of not lying.
On page 118 Mary Warren says, “I’ll not hang with
you! I love God, I love God,” but on page 19, Mary
says that she didn’t actually participate in the
witchcraft, only watched but later states that she was
actually involved in it.
On page 108 Abby says, “A wind, a cold wind, has
come,” and also Mercy Lewis says,”Your Honor, I
freeze!” All of the girls agreed and cried out too.
Abby confessed how she danced to both
Proctor and Parris. Parris also spotted the girls
dancing naked in the woods, however in court,
Parris denies seeing the girls dancing naked,
which was a lie.
On page 117 Proctor says, “God damns liars
Mary!” Regardless of knowing that God
damns liars, Mary lies anyways along with all
of the Circle Girls.
Many of the confessed were good Christians,
however they lied about performing witchcraft
just to save their lives.
On page 139 Danforth asks Proctor, “Did you bind
yourself to the Devil’s service?” and John responds,
“I did.”
On page 143 Proctor declares, “Because I lie and sign
myself to lies! … I have given you my soul; leave me
my name!”
Then Procter confesses and says ”I want my life.”
Abby claims she sees a bird that is Marry
Warren which is completely made up. “Oh,
please, Mary! Don’t come down”(p 115) She
also says “But God made my face; you cannot
want to tear my face. Envy is a deadly sin,
Mary”(p 115) She tries to point other blames
and people.
They all claim to feel a wind which is all made
up, and they can faint on command
Abby tells someone Parris saw her naked on
page 18 so we know he saw.
Again, Parris-”All innocent and Christian
people are happy for the courts in Salem!
These people are gloomy for it”(p 94)
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