Geothermal energy

By Sofia Culjak-Wade
• Hot mineral springs have been used for centuries by Romans, Chinese,
Pioneer Americans, and many other groups and tribes. In these ancient
times, they were used for cooking, bathing, and heating. The Romans
probably used the springs to warm up after a long battle. Now it is used as a
power source that can regenerate when it rains or obtains more water.
People can collect the steam and use it as an energy source.
• There are many different ways of generating geothermal power, but all
include turning water into steam to turn a turbine by using heat from the
earths core.
Takes advantage of large amounts of thermal energy stored in the earth
It’s one of the most eco-friendly ways to produce energy
Doesn’t burn fossil fuels
Cheapest method of generating energy
Geothermal energy is one of the most abundant energy resources
The energy created from geothermal plants can’t be transported
The costs to build a generation/powersite can be very expensive
To reach the geothermal energy, the crust of the earth must be drilled very
Maintanence for these power plants requires lots of care and caution
• In BC Geothermal energy is still being introduced for powering our cities, but
a large number of hot springs such as the one in by Harrison lake.
• The cost kw/h can range from $0.03 all the way up to $0.035, the average
cost is about $0.05, there can be a very large price increase during a time
where there is a large demand, unlike oil, geothermal energy is not able to
have a very wide range of price or go up very fast.
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