Uniquely car2go

car2go: your urban mobility solution
car2go is an innovative urban mobility solution which offers vehicleson-demand without the hassle of traditional car ownership. Our
carsharing service is simple, flexible and affordable. All you need to
do is register, jump in and drive off – we’ll take care of the rest.
Uniquely car2go:
• Available on-demand
• Pay-as-you-go carsharing service
• £0.35 per minute, £14.90 per hour, inclusive of fuel,
parking, insurance and congestion charge
• No fixed rental stations
• No designated return times
• No annual membership fee
• Parking is included in legal and approved
spaces within the home area*
* See website for details on parking
car2go is offering an exclusive introductory package to Kippa Bid to try out our
service. We are pleased to offer employees complimentary lifetime
membership plus up to 45 minutes of free driving.
Take advantage of our introductory offer with savings of £45.65 per person by
registering with us on an office visit day or online at london.car2go.com
How to car2go
• To become a member, you must hold a valid UK or international driving
license for at least a year and be over 21 years of age.
• Registering is easy, create a user account through our secure online
system* with the help of our Mobility Specialist.
*In order for your account to be fully activated, we require both driving license and payment details.
† No charge will be incurred in registering with car2go. Standard rental fees will apply only when
usage exceeds bonus minutes.
‡ Free driving minutes must be used within 30 days of issue.
For more information, visit london.car2go.com
To arrange for a visit from our mobility specialists, please email
[email protected] or call 07734 955181
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