I must stay at your house today!

Luke 19:5
“ I must stay
at your
today. ”
Luke 19: 1-10
Search and rescue: Creator found His
seeker (1-6).
 Accusation and rebuttal ( 7 - 8 )
Judgment and hope (9-10).
Let us focus on Luke 19:5
Luke 19 : 5 “I must stay at your house today (v5)”
 God’s strong desire to be with his people in 2 words:
must = δεῖ’ (Gk: dei ) = a necessity/ obligation
stay = μένω (Gk : menō) = remain or abide
 God’s mercy also extends to the Gentiles who are
faithful in Him (see hand out)
Big privilege if someone of renown comes to
Zacchaeus was honored as a reward for his
repentance when Jesus chose to stay with
We can be like Zacchaues - repentant,
forgiven, blessed, and honored by God by
His presence!
Back in the Old Testament, God would
show Himself only for…
• Special group
of people
• Special Place
• Special Occasion
Today, GOD chose us as His special people
(saints), His dwelling (our body as a temple) in
a special occasion (our baptism).
 Thank God in prayer because He has chosen us to
be His disciples, His dwelling!
 Be urgent in our repentance from our sins as our
response of gratefulness and humility to God’s
love !
In the same way when Jesus found Zacchaues
more than 2000 years ago, the LORD JESUS is
also telling us now:
“I must stay at your house today (v5)”
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