Surveyor S12 and S19

Medica 2011 Presentation:
Surveyor Bedside Monitors
November 2011
Key points: Surveyor S12 and S19
Specifically designed for critical care higher acuity areas
Large display supports substantial amount of data enhancing visibility
Touch screen user interface
Supports a superior simple user interface
– Intuitive, shallow menu structure
– Requires minimal key touches
• Incorporates Mortara’s VERITAS 7 ECG
• Sleek thin footprint provides efficient
use of available wall space
• Allows clinicians to focus on patient
care, while minimizing interactions
with the monitor
State-of-the-Art design
Two available models
Surveyor S19
Large 19” touch screen display
Specifically designed for higher acuity areas such as Critical Care
Surveyor S12
Large 12” touch screen display
Targeted to mid and low acuity departments (Emergency Depts, etc.)
Satisfies the need for portable monitoring
Clinical Efficiency
• Supports Mortara’s VERITAS 7 ECG algorithm
Supports 3, 5 and 12-lead continuous ECG acquisition
Utilizes Mortara’s unique AM12 module
Simultaneous 12 Lead ST Segment Measurement
Diagnostic 12 Lead with interpretation and waveform measurements
• Integrates easily to existing hospital infrastructure
Wired or wireless communication with Surveyor Central Station
DICOM/HL7 options
Versatile mounting schemes for fixed and portable scenarios
Multiple communication ports
• AND Much more……………………
S12 and S19: Main Display example
Waveform Data Area
Waveform’s Numeric Data Area
Full Disclosure Window
Numeric Data Area
S12 and S19: All ECG View w 5 wire lead set
Full Disclosure Window
S12 and S19: 12-Lead Main Screen
Full Disclosure Window
S12 and S19: 12-Lead Interp on Main Screen
Full Disclosure Window
S12 and S19: Parameter Setup dialog example (HR)
Full Disclosure Window
More Key Features…
– 3, 5, 12 Lead Continuous ECG
– Continuous ST analysis on all available
ECG leads
• Respirations
• Oridion Micro stream CO2
– NIBP list on main screen
• SpO2
– Nellcor
– Masimo
– Surveyor SpO2
More Key Features…
• Temperatures
– Two continuous temperatures
– Delta T
• Up to 4 invasive pressures
– IBP overlap function on main screen
– Single bifurcated IBP input
– Dual bifurcated IBP inputs
• Thermodilution Cardiac Output
– Supports Edwards and BD CO
– In-line and bath probe adapters
• Hemodynamics Calculations
More Key Features…
• List trends
• Alarm Notifications
Multi-color alarm light
Three levels of physiological alarms
Technical alarms
Audio alarm support
• Integrated handle
– Enables rapid portable deployment
• Thermal 2 channel recorder
• Surveyor CS communication
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