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Java Stack 4
Providing Robust Back-end Web Services
For Your Solution
The Business of Providing Solutions
• Portfolios provide a related set of solutions
• Each solution provides one more related services
• Web applications provide the ability to scale services across the globe
Anatomy of a Solution
• The front-end
• Delivered to the user’s device
• Visible to end users
• Provides customer interaction
• The back-end
Resides on the network
Invisible to end users
Provides the logic of the business’ core services
Performs the heavy lifting
The Ideal Solution Portfolio
• Front-end applications
• Light-weight
• Loosely-coupled to back-end services
• Back-end application services
• One-to-one relationship to the business’ core services (no duplication)
• Consumable by multiple front-end applications (scalable)
• Consumable by other back-end services (composable)
The Life of a Solution
• Core business services remain fairly constant
• Slow evolution over time
• Customer expectations change often and quickly
• Rapid evolution over time
Challenges: The Back-end
Application services often get tailored to a specific consumer, or frontend representation.
• Back-end becomes tightly coupled to the front-end
• Services must be re-written or re-factored for each front-end
• Services become out-of-date when the front-end is out-of-date
Challenges: The Front-end
Tightly coupled back-ends result in server-generated front-ends:
• Frequent trips to the server
• Less responsive user-interaction
• Every view on the service must be secured
• As many as 10x to 100x the number of resources than the actual number of
services that require the security
• Complex security rules
• Lots of room for error
The Goal
• Extend the life of back-end services
• Allow front-end representations to:
• Evolve independently
• Be more responsive
• Be more secure
Introducing Java Stack 4
• Repositioned solidly to provide robust, back-end application services
• The recommended Stack for all ICS back-end services
• Cloud-ready out of the box
• Built upon the latest technological innovations of the global Java
community (Java 8, Spring Boot, etc.)
• Simpler, cleaner, and more powerful than ever before
Browser / Mobile Device
Front End
(On the Client)
Front-end Applications
Static Content
Rest API
Other Web
(On the Server)
Java Stack 4
Cloud / Platform as a Service
Oracle DB
Java Stack 4 – Saving Time and Cost
• Provides a fully decoupled back-end service stack
Faster, easier development, testing, and deployment
Maximum scalability
Longer life
Much lower cost of maintenance
• Allows front-end solutions to maximum responsiveness
• Reduces trips to the server
• Allows front-ends to query only what has changed
• Easily secured
• Finite number of service entry points
Why Use Java Stack 4?
• The best guarantee for:
• Security – clean, declarative security model
• Efficiency – streamlined processes for development, testing, and deployment
• Scalability – consumable across many platforms and applications
• Repeatability – simple, well-understood patterns
• Supportability – familiar standards, reduced training requirements
Making the most of Java Stack 4
Identify your core business services
Federate each business service into a back-end service application
Keep each back-end service tightly focused to its problem domain
Keep each service generically consumable
Compose your services within the front-end or within another backend, aggregating service
Where to go from here?
• SORT 2014
• Java Stack 4 RESTful Web Applications
• Java Stack 4 with Spring Boot
• Java Stack 4 Documentation
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