Hunter Mojave final

By Hunter Hargett
the Mojave
Have you ever hared of the Mojave Indians?e The
Mojave lived from Arizona, California and Mexico.
Mojave lived along side the river banks. The Mojave
had other tribes near the pacific coast. In the desert
the climate was hot.
Mojave homes
Do you know what the
Mojave made there houses
out of ? The Mojave made
there homes out of hey. In
the summer they slept in
open sided walls. In the
winter they lived in homes
with walls. They had to
get poles to make a house.
They had to use leaves to
make a flat roof.
Mojave Foods
The Mojave ate beans corn and
pumpkins. The Mojave practiced
fishing. They hunted and fished ,
planted and gathered. They hunted
deer, rabbits, ground sqwerls, birds
and lizards. The Mojave also fished
other fish such as mullets, hump back,
scoters and other fish.
Mojave jobs
The men threw boomerangs to
kill rabbits. The men caught
fish with hooks and men
wolfed nets. Women and men
often planted plants. The
women’ job was to plant seeds
in the ground. Children fished
and hunted with there
Mojave clothing
The Mojave draped
animals to make clothing.
They veiled deer skin and
other animal skins. Men
wore long breech cloths.
On cold days they wore
deer skin and rabbit skin.
Mojave calibrations
When somebody passed
away they would sing a
song. They had a
calibration when ever
somebody died. The only
people who could do
ceremonies were the
people who have strength.
Mojave's Interesting facts
They mixed tow Indian words
in to one. The Mojave
believed that performing
rain daces would bring
forth rain. the mojave’s
put cacti's needles in there
skin to make tattoos.
Mojave’s crafts
Pots and baskets could
hold water and store food.
The women wolfed water
tight strong age baskets.
The basket were used for
caring corn meals. Men
wolfed baskets and nets
for fishing. The men wolfed
Coney shaped baskets. Men
attached wooden poles to
make a doorknob.
Mojave Indians
The Mojave is really unique and
there is still 2,500 Mojave Indians
and You will know more about
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