Types of Clouds

 What
is the Latin word
meaning “layered”?
Name the cloud that
 Looks like cumulus clouds
pressed in layers
 Found low in the sky
Name this cloud…
 A low, puffy cloud bringing
heavy rain, thunder,
 A “thunderhead”
 Can also bring tornadoes
 What
does the Latin word
“NIMBUS” mean?
Name this cloud…
 Thin layers of high, cirrus
 Forms “halo” around moon
or sun
Name this cloud…
 A type of stratus cloud
 You often see this in your
front yard
Name this cloud…
 Wispy, curling clouds high in
the sky
 Signals a change in weather
 What
does the Latin root
ALTO mean?
Name this cloud…
 Low, puffy, white cloud
 “Fair weather” clouds
 Can change into
cumulonimbus cloud
Name this cloud…
 Middle clouds which look
like scattered white and
gray puffs
Name this cloud…
 Unbroken layers of low,
gray clouds
 Bring light rain, snow or
 What
is the Latin word which
means “curl”?
Name this cloud…
 Very high, thin, white clouds
that look like many small
pieces of cotton
Name this cloud…
 Grayish layers of clouds
found 5,000-20,000 feet in the
Name this cloud…
 A low, smooth layer of gray
from which a steady rain or
snow falls
 Name
the three cloud types
found in the highest level of
the sky.
 Cirrus
 Cirrostratus
 Cirrocumulus
Name the two cloud found in the
middle level of the sky.
 Altostratus
 Altocumulus
 Name
5 clouds found in the
lowest level.
 Stratus
 Cumulus
 Stratocumulus
 Nimbostratus
 Cumulonimbus
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