The Mad Trapper * By- Rudy Wiebe

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Daniel Walker
The Mad Trapper was a very mysterious man. He rode into
Fort McPherson on a small log raft. He was a very silent
man and barely responded when asked questions. He only
ever talked when he had to. He possessed a large quantity
of money. More than most had ever seen up north. The Mad
Trapper was better known as Albert Johnson. Albert
Johnson was the cousin to Karl Erickson but when Karl seen
The Mad Trapper’s corpse he did not recognize the man.
The Mad Trapper’s identity is still unknown to this day.
He was a medium height, broad shouldered man who had
icy blue eyes and generally kept himself clean shaven. He
had ended up crossing hundreds of miles of frozen tundra
on foot, survived dynamite blasts, and became the first man
to cross the Richardson Mountains in a blizzard and he
didn’t even have climbing gear. He endured the chase of
police, trappers and the army for fifty days in the bitter cold.
Corporal Millen was an R.C.M.P officer who
was stationed up at Fort McPherson. Spike was
tall and lean with shoulders like a weight lifter.
Spike patrolled the trappers lines every once in
a while. He was one of the many on the
manhunt for Albert Johnson. He eventually
developed a weird obsession for the manhunt.
Spike was the last person killed by the mad
trapper in the shoot out which also took
Johnson’s life on Eagle River.
Wop is a stocky, round-faced man known for
being an air ace of WWI. He was fifth for kills
in Canada. He is also known for being chased
by The Red Baron as he got shot down. Wop
wanted to become better known and seen that
hunting down Johnson would be the perfect
opportunity. Wop was the one who pointed
out that there were footprints leading off of the
caribou tracks which led the search right to
Albert Johnson where the final shootout had
taken place.
Character Event
How reacted to Event
How they changed
Albert’s cabin
got blown up
because he
shot an
Ran away into the cold
winter north.
Albert ended up very weak from
the man hunt and frost bitten. He
was starving and in the end he
got shot down.
Albert Johnson He started on the
Running away manhunt for Johnson.
after his cabin
got blown up.
Wop May The manhunt
for Albert
He wanted to get
involved so he can
become better known
since not many knew
his name for being and
air ace in WWI.
When the manhunt started Spike
was a bit hesitant but as it went
on he started getting obsessed
with it. In the end Spike died
after Albert Johnson shot him.
Not much changed for Wop
May. He became more known
for flying the plane to help track
down Johnson. It really sped up
the search.
Movie Rolls
Chuck Norris
The Mad
I Would have to choose Chuck Norris for the part of Albert
Johnson. Chuck is well built and can portray a tough man very
well. Chuck has the endurance and could easily pull off being a
quite, mysterious man who tests his strength to the fullest.
Who else would be able to survive out in the freezing cold for
fifty days, climb mountains in blizzards, survive explosions and
evade a manhunt for as long as Albert Johnson. The only
problem with chuck being the mad trapper is Chuck Norris
doesn’t run away.
I believe that Tom Cruise would be a
great actor for Spike Millen. Tom is
well built and can portray the
attitude of not giving up . Spike led
the manhunt and Tom can easily
take the roll of a leader. Tom has
acted in movies like Mission
Impossible and War of the Worlds.
Tom Hanks as Wop May
 For Wop May I think Tom
hanks would be a great
actor. Hanks has acted in
movies where he was a
war hero and he is great
at it. He fits the
description well would
be a great actor for a guy
who is just looking for
fame. Tom has acted in
movies like Forrest
Gump and Saving Private
Steve Carell as Inspector Eames
 Inspector Eames was the
man Spike Millen answered
to. Eames is the one who
gave permission for the
search warrant to search
Albert Johnson’s cabin. I
believe Steve Carell would
be great for this part as he
has acted many office
workers. Steve would also
be able to toss a little
comedy into this movie. He
has acted in movies such as
The Anchor Man and Evan
•“The autumn sun was almost gone behind the Richardson Mountains. Its last light
flamed against an underbelly of clouds, polished the water of the Peel River into
uneasy boils of glistening black and vivid, almost bloody, red. Distant sounds
drifted by: geese flying south, water lapping against rocks, but over all lay the
immense Arctic silence of the coming winter.” Pg. 11
•“The rim of the thirty-minute winter sun emerged on the south horizon
sometimes inside an enormous halo of smudged, flaming light; sometimes a cross
stretches through and across the entire circle, or, like today, two brilliant
repetitions of the sun itself stood one on either side of the bands of the cross with
the air so cold it seemed to hang in silver crystals.” Pg. 75
•“The glazed surface of the snow was rushing at them; May’s knees held the plane
relentlessly with its dive centered on Johnson. Snardon was bolted rigid in his seat,
his mouth a hole of soundless terror.” Pg. 186
•“The ice split. One great sheet of thin ice heaving both up and down as Thompson
staggered, lost his balance in and immense boil of black water bursting up around
him and he fell, head and shoulders plunging down and then his snowshoes
gesturing desperately for an instant, and everything gone.” Pg. 121
“When the blizzard staggered, momentarily eddied into daylight and, as it
seemed, caught its breath, he would sometimes glance up to see the peaks about
him: the enormous vista of groaning, moving snow, the ravines and the iceblasted pyramids that howled dolefully as the blizzard shook itself and howled,
howled.” Pg. 144
 For the climax I would have to say it was the shootout on
the Eagle River. The whole story builds up to this very point
where Spike Millen comes face to face with The Mad
Trapper again. Spike was killed by Albert Johnson and it
took quite a few bullets to take down Johnson. Albert even
shot at the plane above and wouldn’t go down without a
fight. When they finally think he is killed they approach
slowly. This is where they discover that The Mad Trapper is
not Albert Johnson.
 If The Mad Trapper hadn’t sabotaged those traps the police
wouldn’t have bothered him and the entire manhunt
wouldn’t have taken place. I think The Mad Trapper had
done something illegal and was paranoid that the R.C.M.P
had discovered his past but in reality his identity was a
mystery and still is.
 The entire manhunt would be a
conflict of The Mad Trapper Vs.
The R.C.M.P. Many people were in
the manhunt for the Mad Trapper.
2 people were killed during this
hunt. It took many days and a lot of
money to finally track down
•Their solution: The R.C.M.P Finally tracked down Johnson and killed him.
•They could have handled this differently by just letting Albert get away. At the
time when they blew up his cabin there was only an injured R.C.M.P officer. They
could have saved 2 lives and a lot of money by just letting him wander into the
cold north.
 The Mad Trapper, I would have to say it is the perfect
title for the book. It is simple yet strong. At the time of
the hunt the radios called him by The Mad Trapper. It
would be hard to title it otherwise as his identity is
unknown. It fits the book perfect as it is the story of
The Mad Trapper and how lived his last few days.
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