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ISP Forum – interim webcall
19th March 2012
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Agenda - topic
Welcome, introductions
Helen Nurse
BT Wholesale Broadband roadmap update
Fraser Burton
Broadband roadmap specific areas:•
Weekend appointing
Transfer of service update
Bev Bytheway-Jackson
Broadband roadmap specific areas:
Cool Broadband
James Lamb
Service update:
Latest news
Order Tracker enhancements (delivered in Release AA)
Tim Longden
Service update:
One Contact resolution
Barry Wenham
ServicEdge Programme:
Test & diagnostic improvements
Smart Phone App
James Lamb
ServicEdge Programme:
MSE (Multi Service Edge)
Ken Hayes
eservices Programme:
HLE capability on My Page
eCo Broadband closure
Barry Jacques & Chris
Key dates & general information
Q&A and polls
Close of webcall
BT Wholesale Broadband Roadmap update
Fraser Burton
Head of Product Management
PRODUCT LAUNCHES: 2011 to 2012
Market 1 price reductions on IPstream Connect
1st October 2011
One month WBMC-Shared contract term
21st October 2011
Real-Time QoS launch ADSL2+
Nov 2011
WBC min term commitment reduce to 1 month
Jan 2012
80/20 FTTC
Trial Dec 11,
Launch early 12/13
EMD Nov 11,
MDU Trial Nov/Dec 11
Launch early 12/13
In-Building Handover WBMC-Shared
Q1 12/13
Change to WBMC-Shared bursting allowance from 50% to 100%
Q1 12/13
Real-Time QoS EMD for FTTX
Q2 12/13
Bespoke network flexibility offers:
• Bandwidth consumption is rising, creating an affordability problem for CPs as
this cost is not fully recoverable from EUs. Some CPs may fail to meet enduser demand, leading to churn. Additionally, planning for bursting, resilience
and network capacity can lead to step changes in costs
• BT can help CPs to:
• prepare for demand growth, especially running up to the Olympics
• affordably grow bandwidth consumption in Market 3
• spread the upfront cost of host-links, or use In-Building-Handover
• use 100% bursting for extra resilience or unplanned demand spikes
Bespoke growth and migration offers:
• CPs find the LLU-to-WBC migration charge is a disincentive to bringing LLU
lines onto the WBC network, and can also struggle with managing migrations
from 20C to 21C
• BT can help CPs with:
• free bulk migrations from 20C to 21C
• managed 20C-to-21C migration forecast process
• free migration of LLU lines to 21C in Market 3, on attractive
commitment terms
Voice-enabled Broadband offers:
• CPs know broadband is not just for the internet and there is a significant
opportunity for VOIP services - several CPs already operate in this market and
there is real potential for growth
• BT is making VoIP work in a broadband world, and can help CPs with:
• Free RTQoS EU Access component during EMD
• Half price Annex M circuit for every RTQoS access purchased
• Bespoke offers, including CPE, IPVS, wholesale calls
• Enhanced and Premium care levels (20hr and 7hr fixes)
Fibre growth offers:
• Fibre is the gold-standard for winning and retaining end users – but CPs
adopting fibre find the connection charge a barrier to pricing their fibre offerings
• BT can help CPs with:
• Discounted connection offer in Q1
• Commitment and growth offers
• New 80/20 product - An addition to the existing FTTC portfolio, this
will provide 100% higher download and upload speeds
Weekend Appointing/Activation
Bev Bytheway-Jackson
Product Manager
The designs are not finalised, therefore any developments carried out by
CPs based on the contents of the designs as currently exhibited are
entirely at the CP’s own risk.
The Development
From June 2012 we will be introducing the ability for you to request Broadband
Activation at the weekend.
SMPF Copper Products –
IPStream, IPStream Connect, WBC ADSL/ADSL 2+ will be offering Saturday
activation only at launch.
Fibre Products –
Sunday Cover not available in Northern Ireland but may be considered.
Bank Holiday not planned to be available in Northern Ireland.
WBC FTTP not available in Northern Ireland – possible 2012 deployment
The following order types will be covered;
Provide with DN
Simultaneous Provide/Home Movers
Product Family Migration (within 21C WBC)
CP Migration (within 21C WBC)
*Product Family Migration (20C to 21C)
*CP Migration (20C to 21C)
Amends of the above order types.
20C Datastream, 20C BET , SDSL are out of scope.
No changes will be made for these products.
* To be confirmed
What happens today?
20C IPStream
If CP places a Provide order with Customer Agreed Date as a non-working day,
the order is rejected.
If CP places a Provide order with Customer Required Date as a non-working
day, the Committed date is taken as the next possible working day.
What will happen?
20C IPStream
If CP places a Provide order with Customer Agreed Date as a Saturday, the
order will not be rejected as long as the Lead time validations are fulfilled . Lead
time calculations will still consider only working days.
If CP places a Provide order with Customer Agreed Date as a Saturday, the
order will not be rejected as long as the Lead time validations are fulfilled . Lead
time calculations will still consider only working days.
21C FTTx
BTW will expose a new Appointment Type = ‘Flexible’ which will allow
appointments on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.
For copper products we are building in the extended capability of Sunday and
Bank Holiday activations but this has not been confirmed for launch.
All of the above will be subject to Openreach engineering resource availability.
Summary of Changes
Existing lead time calculations will still be based on working days.
The charging structure will be aligned to that of our supplier with the ability to
charge a separate price for Saturday, Sunday and Bank holiday activations.
In case of Fibre products the weekend activation charge will be levied if you
have selected Appointment Type as ‘Flexible’.
In Case of Simultaneous Provide, if original CRD is of non-working day.
However due to change in PSTN delivery dates, the Broadband delivery date will
be moved to next available working /non-working day.
This new feature will only apply to new Provision or Amend orders arriving post
deployment. However if an in-flight order is Amended after this feature goes
LIVE it will be considered.
There will be no B2B XML changes or additional attributes added to existing
request and response xmls.
You will be shown information messages on Portal to indicate that there will be
an additional charge if you opt for provisioning on non-working day.
BT Wholesale
James Lamb
Test & Diagnostics and ServicEdge Third Party Tools Lead
Cool Broadband Update
BT Cool Broadband - Trial Update
CPE Interoperability Testing
- Completed on 29 CPE in Dec 2011. No Issues Identified.
Service Trial
- 3 CP’s have offered to participate. Thank you
- Start delayed due to Network FOA sign off.
- Network code available from w/c; 12/03
- Re-planning Service Trial from w/c; 26/03
- Service Trial to run for minimum of 6 weeks with a review at week 4.
BT Cool Broadband (Level 2 power mode)
The launch of BT Cool Broadband will introduce Level 2(L2) low power mode support for
our 21C ADSL2+ product, BT Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC).
This will reduce Network power consumption and emissions of greenhouse gasses.
BT Cool Broadband combines 21C technology with industry technical standards to deliver
our first green broadband service.
This is a world first deployment and will allow us to move away from the current industry
standard “always on” service, to a more environmentally friendly “always available” service.
BT Cool Broadband introduces capability in the WBC ADSL2+ technology type product to
support L2 or Low power mode as defined in the ITU-T Recommendation G.992.3.
This allows a line that is not being used, to drop down in power and reduce its bit carrying
capacity. The moment more data is demanded than the low power mode will carry, the line
will request the transition back to the previous full power rate.
In order to support the low power mode, both ends of the circuit will require L2 mode
support, i.e. from the MSAN and CPE.
Q&A for Broadband Roadmap
Consumer Switching Consultation
Bev Bytheway-Jackson
Product Manager
On 9th February Ofcom published their second consultation paper, the
proposal is that there should be a single, unified process for consumers
switching voice and broadband.
Ofcom is favouring a gaining provider led process called ‘Third Party
Validator’ (TPV).
Ofcom may reconsider their favoured approach if they can be convinced that
a losing provider led (LPL) can address the key concerns.
Further consultation due in Q2/Q3 the scope of which will be determined by
the responses received.
Final statement planned for Q4 2013 after which there is likely to be an 18
month window in which to implement the chosen way forward.
Ofcom URL: http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/consultations/switching-fixedvoicebroadband/?utm_source=Updates&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=cons
Options assessed:
Existing processes options (unharmonised)
Do nothing.
Incremental enhancements to both the existing Gaining Provider and
Losing Provider Led processes.
Gaining Provider Led options (harmonised)
Incremental enhancements to the existing Gaining Provider Led.
Transfer Code option.
Unique Service Number process.
Third Party Verification process.
Losing Provider Led options (harmonised)
Transfer Code option (save banned).
Transfer Code option (save permitted).
Key issues to address
Multiple switching processes
Back end system deficiencies
Lack of reliability
Loss of service
Lack of competitive neutrality
Customer consent
Implications of switching
Varying and unnecessary switching costs/hassle
Reactive save activity
BT Wholesale
Tim Longden
Service Integration Manager
Service update:
Service Update - general
Order/Fault Tracker
L2C Performance
System and Supplier Issues
delaying Closure
Reported One Seibel system fault
T2R Performance
Level performance
Enhanced Care Performance
Very low volumes of FTTC E/Care
Order and Fault Tracker
BT Wholesale has recently launched an enhancement to its KCI self serve facility for
WBC Copper and IPStream Orders & Faults.
The enhancement allows Customers to directly access the order updates provided
to BT Wholesale by Openreach delivering greater detail on the order or fault
Customers that are already using this facility have provided positive feedback and
highlighted how it has reduced the propensity to have to make often timely further
The Order and Fault Tracker is accessed through eCO (for IPStream Orders and
Faults), and eCO+ (for WBC Orders and Faults).
Once a CP has logged into the URL they are given for eco BB they will have to:
Click on Orders/Fault Reports and enter the eco order/fault id number or
corresponding Service ID/DN number
Click on Supplier Notes button on left hand side of screen
Click on Request in the Supplier Notes field
If there are any notes available at this time they will appear in the Error/Information
Message field.
Customer logs into BTwholesale.com
Click on the Applications tab
Select Orders and Faults
Click on Ecoplus
Click on if already subscribed, click here to launch
Enter username and password
Click on ECOPLUS under My Applications
Eco plus screen appears
In order to track an order or a fault select the option you want from the dropdown.
Click on SELECT to look at
the Order/Fault details
A Supplier Notes button
is displayed
OCR ISP forum Update
Barry Wenham
13th March, 2012
Making BT Wholesale a great place to work
Introducing OCR (One Contact Resolution)
OCR is simple – One Contact Resolution
What we measure – repeats and looped work.
Principle - Totally customer focussed
Training - Empowerment to do what’s right, take risks, use common sense, fix end to end and focus
entirely on the customer
Launch – phased 26th March through to end of Q1
Baseline OCR score is around 50%.
Opportunities are split into 4 key areas
BTW internal processes – we have changed several through pilot
Supplier issues – we are working closely across a number of areas
Customer issues – different practices result in a range of outcomes
Our team members
Revised our measurement, quality and direction to get the whole organisation fully lined up behind this.
Work with customers and suppliers to help drive best practice across industry and work internally to
resolve barriers quickly.
I will report more specific details on OCR, the initiatives and the impacts in forthcoming events
Q&A for Service Update
BT Wholesale
James Lamb
Test & Diagnostics and ServicEdge Third Party Tools Lead
Test and Diagnostics Update
Test and Diagnostics Update
Release AA – 12/02/2012
KBD using Openreach Enhanced Copper Line Test (CIDT)
- Detection of HR(High Resistance) faults.
CU33 = LN
CU34 = CA
CU35 = CE
- Reduced need for use of SFI/Boost.
- Reduced Repeat reports
KBD using Brandenburg Techniques to enhance diagnostics (BRAT)
- Codes to Improve Location for CCSFI options
AN01 – Access Network Issue
CD01 – Customer Domain Issue
- Diagnostic codes D/N/R/E/I/B/Q/T/X
New KBD Codes for BRAT
Flow Overview
Recommendation What Does the
Customer Do Next ?
Condition as indicated within the
problem explanation but all
diagnostics completed and a Local
Access Network issue is indicated
by the enhanced Brandenburg tool.
Please confirm all End User
Environment checks have been
completed, Should this action not
resolve the issue you can book
an SFI appointment (CCSFI).
Problem Explanation: <The circuit is dropping connection.>
BTW Fault Localization Analysis indicates a potential Customer Domain issue.
Please check ‘Local Access Network’ tab for more information.
Resolution/Recommendation: Please confirm all CP and End User checks have been completed.
KBD tests indicate no BTW network fault. This is a CCSFI enabled outcome.
Condition as indicated within the
problem explanation but all
diagnostics completed and a Customer
Domain issue is indicated by the
enhanced Brandenburg tool.
Please confirm all End User
Environment checks have been
completed, Should this action not
resolve the issue you can book
an SFI appointment (CCSFI).
The circuit is dropping connection.
An LTB issue has been identified./A historic LTB issue was identified./ No
performance issues have been identified in the BTW network.
The circuit is not in synch.
The End User has a working session.
The End User does not have an active PPP session but IP connectivity has
been confirmed with the BT network.
The End User has a working session.
The End User does has reported potential QoS related performance issue.
This is a DataStream circuit.
KBD Code
KBD Outcome
Problem Explanation: <The circuit is dropping connection.>
BTW Fault Localization Analysis indicates a potential Local Access Network issue.
Please check ‘Local Access Network’ tab for more information.
Resolution/Recommendation: Please confirm all CP and End User checks have been completed. As
Copper Line Test is OK this is a CCSFI enabled outcome.
Test and Diagnostics Update
Release AA – 12/02/2012 - Cont
Performance/Speed Tester
- Upgrade/Improvements to work at high Broadband Speeds >110M
- Improved Testing Frequency
- Subsequent test available after 10 Minutes (Following a successful test)
- Up to maximum of 3 tests an Hour
Speed Tester Lite option available.
Release AB (April 2012) & Release AC (June 2012) will see further upgrades to
align with the Increasing speeds seen on NGA.
ServicEdge Programme
Smart Phone App
BT Wholesale have created a source code app framework for
home domain & network checks for ISP’s to build a bespoke app
White label app for ISPs to customise and build upon. BT Wholesale will pass
the source code for the vanilla version to a CP (image shown on the right hand)
Not an off the shelf working app – framework to build an app provided to CPs
Allows Broadband home users to run diagnostic checks on their set up (home
domain and network checks)
Functionality within the app will include:
Connection test (including speed test)
Wi-Fi signal strength
Wi-Fi channel check
Wi-Fi Security check
MSO / PEW checks
PAT / Brandenburg data feed
Support Area – Videos and tutorials
Full Health Check (runs all tests sequentially)
Objective is to reduce call volumes by providing end customers with information
and quick fix tutorials
If an issue is found, the app advises the user how to fix the issue via the
support area or that there is a network fault open
App has a library of offline content to fix the issue including text and videos –
don’t have to be connected to the broadband to use these
App framework will be available on both Android and iPhone OS for CP service
trials in Q1 – please contact [email protected] for more details
ServicEdge Review 14/03/12
*Please note ‘Vivid’ is only a
working name for the app and will
be changed before launching to
ISPs to BT Wholesale Broadband
Introduction of a new 21C Broadband
Remote Access Server – MSE
(Multi Service Edge)
Ken Hayes
Technology Change Manager
BT Wholesale are expanding the 21CN broadband platform by adding a
new broadband remote access server (BRAS)
The new BRAS will be known as the MSE (Multi service Edge)
The impacts of this platform increase requires our customers to be aware
of changes and what they need to do on both the WBC and WBMC
products to ensure there will be minimal impact to their end users.
To support any technical questions we have the following e mail account :[email protected]
This account can be used to cover the technicalities of the following briefs.
Example IP addressing , Tunnel queries etc
For non technical queries contact your CRM or account manager
Trials update
The initial internal trial will be in Bradwell Abbey which is parented to Milton
Keynes 21C POSI ( Point of Service Interconnect)
Internal trials have now started
We will have to confirm that all WBC & WBMC Communications Providers have
enabled their network to support the new tunnel end points and new NAS IP
This information has been shared via the notification posted on the BT
Wholesale site Briefing Number:159-11 on 24th August
Briefing Number:121-11 on 12th July 2011
What next ?
• WBC CP’s will be contacted and asked to complete AP CRF’s so that we can
proceed with the MSE AP builds as defined in the briefs above.
• We will need to know whether you wish to proceed with RIPE IP addressing or
select the default 172. addressing for AP Vlans and MSE loopbacks.
• WBMC CP’s should have now opened up their network to support L2TP tunnels
from - to
• When your end users are connected to the new MSE , the authentication request
will contain a NAS IP address from the range of to If
you action on the NAS address you will need to open your network to support
this address range so successful authentications can take place.
Q&A for ServicEdge Programme
Barry Jacques & Chris Kerr
e-Service Programme
eCo BB Portal & Legacy XML API Closure onto eCo Plus and Strategic
B2B Gateway
20c ordering & fault platform becoming
20c product will continue in non WBC
footprint exchanges
Propose to close legacy platforms onto 21c
platforms in 12 – 15 month timeframe
Customer Benefits
Common, simplified CP agent experience
across 20c & 21c
Support for current browser technology when
accessing portal
Allows CPs to view all assets, orders and
faults via single portal
21c functionality for all services – electronic
KCIs, XML appointments, cancels and
Enables cost reduction in CPs as they
rationalise their consuming systems
Customer Engagement
Want customers to volunteer to engage in
design development and testing activity of
portal and B2B capability
April – Sept design activity
Sept – Dec testing activity
CP changeover Jan 13 – June 13
20c BB
Legacy XML API
Strategic B2B
21c BB (+20c)
20c BB
21c BB
eCo BB Portal & Legacy XML API Closure onto eCo Plus and Strategic B2B Gateway
AB 14th
AC 23rd
AD 18th
AE 20th
eCo BB Customer &
Account mapping
Customer & Account Mapping
eCo BB Asset mapping
20c B2B T2R Capability
on strategic B2B Gateway
Trialist Asset Mapping
20c B2B T2R capability on
eCo Plus portal
20 c B2B L2C Capability on strategic
B2B gateway
20 c B2B L2C capability on
eCo Plus portal
Asset Mapping
Customer migration
Trialist Migration
Outline dates – Subject to change
Escalations and Tags on The Line Portals
Available to use from Monday 26th March.
Key Benefits for Our Customers:
• Enhancing your self serve capability on-line.
• Reduces the time taken to progress broadband orders or faults.
• Ability to track progress of escalations or Tags queries.
• Removes the need to call or e-chat.
Easy Access:
No need to apply - registered users of secure broadband
applications will automatically be given access.
Provide your own access via My Admin from mid-April.
Simple to Use:
Intuitive and straight-forward to use.
Easy to follow step by step navigation guides available to download
via the broadband library.
My Page Dashboards
Tentative Go Live Date : Monday 26th March.
• Aligned status across broadband and data
products, for both 20 and 21C networks.
• Filters to view by product group, product
family or individual product.
• Graphical view by product or status
• Drill down view for detailed reports that can
be exported.
• Requires WCR access
• Updated every 3.5 hours
April 15th
My Page Personalisation
Standardised profiles
My Admin
Admin requests queue for password
Q&A for eServices Programme
What’s coming up? Dates for your diaries
Next Fibre surgery – 26th April via webcall
(contact [email protected] for details)
Next ISP Forum – 8th May – BT Tower
Broadband & Content Technical Forum
Final Q&A
Slides & replay will follow shortly
Thank you for joining us on
the call today
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