Deep Energy Retrofit Plan the work

Building and Energy Consultants
Lloyd Hamilton, owner
IGSHPA Certified Geothermal Designer
IGSHPA Certified Installer
Net-Zero Energy Building Specialists
Deep Energy Retrofit
Purpose of Grant
• Develop a process for cost effective DER
Energy savings should make it cost neutral
• Make it durable
Assembly should be expected to last 100 years
• Make it duplicable
Process should be easy to learn
Deep Energy Retrofit
The team
Lloyd Hamilton, Verdae, LLC
Brian Mulder, Mulder Construction
Todd Pascarella, Energy Experts
Michael Drechsler, Dow Chemical
Joe Lstiburek, Building Science Corp
Greg Pedrick, project manager NYSERDA
Deep Energy Retrofit
Rhinebeck House
Circa 1790 to 1990
Attic Insulated and air sealed 1990
Cottekill House
Circa 1945
Attic poorly insulated
Roxbury House
Circa 1850
Deep Energy Retrofit
Rhinebeck House
Before DER work
After DER work
Deep Energy Retrofit
Plan the work
• Focus on the whole building from the
basement slab to the roof peak.
• Integrate the air, water, vapor and thermal
control layers so they are continuous and
aligned with each other.
• Pay close attention to transitions.
Deep Energy Retrofit
Occupants can stay in home during work
Improved Comfort
Improved indoor air quality
Increased building durability
Reduced energy consumption
Increased value of home
First step to net zero energy home
Deep Energy Retrofit
How to begin?
• Go to
• Go to
• Buy “Builders Guide to Cold Climates” from
hire an expert in DER to lead the team.
Deep Energy Retrofit
When to begin?
Interest rates are low
Contractors need work
Materials are going up in price
Deep Energy Retrofit
• Inexpensive when done in conjunction with a
planned window and siding replacement
• Can be done in stages
• Do the basement and attic now using on-bill
financing and wait on the walls until you are
ready to replace the windows and siding
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