Deciduous forest

A temperate rain forest and were going to see every season
and animal here
 bear eat the Deere and the vulgar eat the leftovers or
ground hogs eat the grass and the wolf eat the
groundhog then the bear eats the wolf parrot
 Bear consumer plants producer wolf consumer and
Deer and insect producer.
 Mammals insects birds are all part of the food chain
and web.
 When a fish eats the bottom then the bear eats the fish
or deer eat the grass then the wolf eats the deer then
the bear eats the wolf.
 Some need to survive by hibernating or migrating
south .Others need to hunt others don’t some got to
run before getting eaten to run.
 Mutualism happens when to other different kind of
species mate.
 Parasitism is when a non-mutual relationship between
organisms of different species
where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the
expense of the other, the host.
 North America
 Europe
 Australia
 Asia
 South America
 Has some of the most fertile soil in the
 Has thousands of years of thick plant
 Has good living conditions for plants
and animals.
 Deep well drained soil consisting of
clay, sand, silt and rotten plants.
 Mountains
 Deltas
 Water falls
 Rivers
 Plains
 United States and Canada: are at 2,300
feet above sea level
 Europe: are at 3,300 feet above sea
 Russia and China: are at 2,000 feet
above sea level
 Japan: is at 4,000 feet above sea level
 Delta National Forest in Mississippi
 Appellation Mountains along the
eastern United States
 Niagara Falls on the U.S. Canadian
 The Alps in Europe
 Tons or millions of flowers
 Only a few kinds of trees are pine, spruce etc
 Grows well in the summer
 Winter plants die
 Spring middle growing time
 Summer ready to be picked
 Starts at the end of the winter
 Starts at spring
 Water resources can be found in rain lakes snow
and rivers
 Cool mornings
 Mild climate
 Changeable climate in a day min. and hour
 Winter 10 to 30 degrees F.
 July 36 to 81 degrees F.
 Cool not hot
 Summers hot and dry
 Oceans make climate mild
 50 cm of rain a year (1,000 mm)
 Snow range 8 to 96 in.
 Rain and melted snow = 32 to 80 in.
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