Great Wall Of China

Great Wall Of China
By Kevin and Nolan
• The Great Wall was made in China .
• The wall was made in 200 B.C.
• Qin Shi the emperor at the time began to make orders for
the wall to be built in 3rd century B.C.
When and why was it built?
• It was made in 200 B.C (Before Christ)
• Qin Shi was the first emperor and he made the order to make the
• It was made to protect them from attacks from Barbarian tribes.
• It was made by peasants, captured enemies, criminals and other
people he didn’t like. Scholars rebuilt the wall today.
• The Ming were the people who built the wall.
• It took three million people to build it.
The description!
• The Great Wall was made out of brick, mud, dirt and earth.
• The bricks were made out of mud.
• It was 25 feet tall
• 6,200 miles long
• 15-40 f.t wide at the base
• 12-35 f.t wide at the summit
• There are battle towers all over the wall
The Great Wall today!
• The Great wall has been damaged over the years
• Some parts are below rivers
• 3,900 miles long today
• 10 million people visit the wall each year
Fun facts!
• It is said each stone cost a human life
• The wall is nicknamed sleeping dragon because of its long snake like
• It was the longest hand made thing ever
• It is wide enough to drive a truck on it
• Some towers have names like The Fairy Tower and The Wanglinglou
Tower found on the highest point on the wall
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