Unit 7 Review

Exam on Friday!
 Nile River
 Romans
 Hebrews
 Muslims
 Sumerians
All of the following are responsible for the
location of cities in the Middle East and North
Africa except—
 water sources
 climatic conditions
 cultural diversity
 transportation routes
All of the following consider Jerusalem a holy
city except—
Which of the following best describes how oil
has changed the major producing countries in
the Middle East?
 Oil has made all the residents of these
countries very rich.
Oil has brought their economies to
the highest level of development.
 Oil has helped modernize these
countries and given them political clout.
 Oil has been responsible for the
 growth of the Taliban.
 tectonic forces
Hoover Dam : U.S. :: Aswan High Dam :
 Libya
 Egypt
 Israel
 Iraq
In which of the following cities would almost
all of the women wear clothing that covers all
but their faces?
 Tel Aviv
 Jerusalem
 Beirut
 Mecca
 Turkey
Which of the following is most powerful in
defining the Middle East and North Africa as
a region?
 Oil
 Language
 Government
 religion
 formal
Most of the land in the Middle East and North
Africa is used for which type of economic
 commercial production
 subsistence agriculture
 market-oriented agriculture
 wheat production
Using your knowledge of geography, which
of the following is probably not a reason for
the loss of forests in the Middle East?
over farming the land
climatic changes
over herding on the land
All of the following are problems in setting
the boundary between Israel and Palestine
except —
physical features
location of aquifers
control of Jerusalem
Jewish settlements
 Both take oil from the same reserve
The Taliban in Afghanistan interpreted the
teachings of Islam to mean that
_____________ were excluded from civil
rights and received very poor treatment.
the elderly
 Rice : Egypt :: Oil : _________________.
 Morocco
 Libya
 Tunisia
 Israel
 Iran : ________________ :: Saudi Arabia :
 ___________________.
 Shia, Sunni
 Sunni, Shia
 Persian, Kurds
 Kurds, Persians
 The Holy Books of Muslims and Jews
 respectively are —
 Bible, Torah
 Torah, Bible
 Koran, Torah
 Torah, Koran
 Which country probably treats women more
 as equals to men?
 Syria
 Saudi Arabia
 Israel
 Pakistan
 Which of the following nations has the
 greatest ethnic diversity as a result of
 immigration from around the world?
 A. Israel
 B. Jordan
 C. Syria
 D. Arab Emirates
 Which modern technology allows populations,
 e.g., Israel, to survive extreme droughts and
 lack of fresh drinking water?
 A. electricity
 B. levees
 C. canals
 D. desalinization
 Afghanistan has been riddled with conflicts
 and wars since the 1970s. One effect of this
 has been to bring ______________, extremist
 Sunni Muslims, to power in the 1990s.
 A. Tajiks
 B. Taliban
 C. Pashtuns
 D. Kunduz
 Which group below has historically not had a
 country of its own?
 A. Pastuns
 B. Kurds
 C. Iranis
 D. Persians
 Which group is trying to remove Western
 influences and other religions from the Middle
 East?
 A. Zionists in Israel
 B. Conservative government leaders
 C. Islamic fundamentalists
 D. Iraqi freedom fighters