90s Powerpoint - 5

By: Hannah Murray, Jaeden
Yoshikawa, Cam Vasco, Pat
Jonnet, and Nick Berardone
Sit down if you…
Were not born in the 90s.
Did not own Beanie Babies or a Furby.
Did not listen to Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, or Britney Spears.
Did not watch cartoons like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocket Power,
Recess, or Doug.
Did not watch Home Alone or The Titanic.
Did not watch DVDs.
Did not play with a Gameboy.
Did not use the computer.
Did not watch Boy Meets World, Full House, or Saved By the Bell.
Did not watch sports such as hockey, football, or baseball.
 Cause:
Iraq’s annexation and invasion of
 In response, the U.S. and 38 other countries
fought Iraq in this war. (“Operation Desert
 Started Jan. 17th, 1991 and ended Feb. 28th,
 This was also when Iraq was defeated and
the U.S., along with it’s allies, won.
 Clinton
administration had mixed record on taxes
but produced the 1st federal budget surpluses since
1969 (led to a decrease in public debt)
 Impact: Clinton and his administration were able to
lower the public debt that had been rising since the
 Presidency saw the passage of welfare reform in
Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act
which ended Aid to Families with Dependent
Children and reduced much needed welfare
The 1992 election took place between Democratic Bill Clinton,
Republican George H.W. Bush, and independent Ross Perot.
Clinton received 43% of the popular vote, passing Bush’s 37%,
and Perot’s 19% vote.
Clinton oversaw the longest period of peace time economic
expansion in U.S. history.
Implemented bills such as NAFTA, or the North American Free
Trade Agreement, Don’t Ask don’t tell, The State Children’s
Health Insurance Program, and a welfare reform bill.
Impeached in 1998, but was acquitted.
Reported budget surpluses of 69 Billion dollars in 1998, 126
billion dollars in 1999, and 236 billion dollars in 2000.
Made his first address to the nation in 1993 to announce his
plan to raise taxes in order to lower the budget deficit.
Clinton needed to compromise with the
Republicans because he was losing their support.
 NAFTA was passed in response to the
Republican's opposition to tariffs on imported
goods from Canada and Mexico.
 Don't Ask, Don't Tell was passed after Clinton
had said he would make it possible for openly
gay people to be in the armed forces. This was
the ‘right’ decision because Republicans did
not believe that being homosexual is
‘compatible’ with being in the armed forces.
 Defense of Marriage Act was also an act
passed that was a "right" decision (because
Republicans believe in traditional marriage)
 kept welfare programs but lessened the
benefits due to the Republican opposition to
welfare for the poor.
Clinton involved in sexual harassment lawsuit
Clinton lied about involvement with Monica (later accused of telling intern to lie to
the lawyers about the affair).
Eventually, Clinton confessed to committing the crime.
The House Judiciary Committee agreed to four articles of impeachment
Rumor: had an affair with Monica Lewinsky (24 yrs. old, White House intern)
committing perjury
obstructing justice
abusing presidential power
(House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment)
The Vote:
Committing Perjury
 Not Guilty = 55 Senators
 Guilty = 45 Senatiors
Obstructing Justice
 50-50 vote for either guilty / not guilty
Ultimately, a two-thirds vote was required for removal from office and conviction.
Some of Baseball’s greatest players of the 90’s included Barry Bonds, Sammy
Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr., Mark McGwire, A-Rod, and many others.
Bonds won the National league MVP in 1993.
McGwire broke the previous home run record of 61, hitting 70 home runs in
1998 for the cardinals.
A-rod won the American League batting tittle in 1996, the only shortstop in 54
seasons to win it.
One of the three most watched sports in America, Along with football and
Pirates started out by winning 3 National league east titles, but didn’t make it
to the world series.
Since then, the Pirates have had a 19 year losing streak.
Pittsburgh Drug Trials. (Didn’t take place in the 90’s but was still interesting.)
Baseball on an incline in popularity, 11 new stadiums were introduced in the
1996 first time in baseball history where 16 players hit over 40 runs.
1994-1995 Strike , canceled the post season and world series.
Greatest players include Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemiux,
Jaromir Jagr, Steve Yzerman, Peter Forsburg, Joe Sakic,
and Partrick Roy.
Gretzky won 4 Stanley cups with the oilers. Numerous
other trophies such as the Hart memorial trophy 9 times,
and the Art Ross trophy 10 times.
Lemiux and Jagr both major aspects to the Penguins
winning their Stanley cups In 91 an 92.
Yzerman captain of the Red Wings for 1, 303 games, the
longest in history.
Penguins won 2 of their 3 Stanley cups in 1991 and 1992.
1991 The NHL introduced video review.
1994 A 103 day lockout started the 1993-1994 season.
 Line
Dances (Macarena & Cha Cha Slide)
 WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)
 Oprah’s Book Club
 Tamagotchi
 Pokémon
 Push-Pops
 Tae Bo
 Chat Rooms
 Furby
used to make a statement about current events or the
Expresses someone’s own individuality
referred to as the “decade of anti-fashion”
 loss of vibrant 80s
 more simplistic designs, colors, patterns
 extremely casual (result of ‘casual Fridays’)
earned over $100 billion every year
industry was tough and competitive
trendsetters = Generation X (the Xers)
Styles included preppie, grunge, and goth.
Popular retail stores were Abercrombie & Fitch, J. Crew,
American Eagle, and Gap.
 long, black dresses
 earthy / neutral tones
 business suits
 oversized sweater
 stir-up jeans
 denim
 lace blouses
 flared jeans
 turtlenecks
 wedge shoes
pixie cut that was straight, smooth
Women did not have to prove
their strong like they did in the 80s.
very comfortable
 considered out-of-style
to wear suits
 dressed ‘smart-casual’
 flannel
 khaki slacks
 converses
 black leather jackets
 graphic print t-shirts
 overalls
spiky hair
surfer hair (long)
The preppy style was
more popular among
 Started
airing shows
and cartoons with
more adult humor
 TV ratings and
parental controls had
been put into use
 Bill
Nye the Science
Guy (1993)
 Boy Meets World
 Goosebumps (1995)
 Bob the Builder
 Blue's Clues (1996)
 Sabrina the Teenage
Witch (1996)
 Dragon Tales (1999)
 Spongebob
Squarepants (1999)
 The
Simpsons (1989)
 Seinfeld (1989)
 Beavis and Butthead
 Frasier (1993)
 Friends (1994)
 7th Heaven (1996)
 King of the Hill (1997)
 South Park (1997)
 Futurama (1999)
 Invention
of cell phones & internet caused big
boom in economy and completely changed how
businesses worked.
 As the quality of information
improved, businesses operated
more efficiently (E-Mail)
 Information technologies allowed for quicker
delivery times
 Invention
of cell phones and voicemail made life
much easier for everyone.
 With long distance calling, one person could talk to
another person on the opposite side of the world.
 With
the invention of text messaging, people could
easily communicate with one another without
having to call each other every time they needed
to say something
Nations have also become connected to one another
through Globalization
Globalization affects trade and the relations with other
This has greatly affected the US specifically with our
trade relationship with China
VHS movies changed to DVD disks
MP3’s paved the way for future devices (IPods)
Digital Cameras
Instant Messaging (AIM, MSN)
Hubble Space Telescope (revolutionized astronomy)
Extra solar Planets detected
Internet businesses (Amazon, EBay, Google, Yahoo, etc.)
Home Gaming Consoles with 3D graphics
Game cartridges converted to CDs
First Hybrid Car (1997)
DNA identification found wide application in Criminal Law
 Dance-Pop
 Teen
 Industrial Rock
 Grunge
 Alternative
 Britpop
 Electronica
 Techno and House
 Hip Hop
 Gangsta Rap
from hardcore hip hop and its
main culture behind it reflects urban
crime and the violent lifestyles of innercity youths
Lyrics vary from accurate reflections to
fictionalized accounts
Pioneered in the late 80s by Schooly D
and Ice-T, but it became popular in
the early 90s by N.W.A.
Dr. Dre
Ice Cube
Public Enemy
Tupac Shakur
Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls, Babay Babay)
Snoop Dogg
Wu Tang Clan
Cam’ron (KillaCam)
Big L
Andre Nickatina
and many others…
rap became the most
lucrative subgenre of hip-hop.
Some rappers connected to gangs.
Controversial attention by promoting
violence, crime, profanity, sex,
homophobia, racism, promiscuity,
misogyny, rape, street gangs, drugdealing and abuse of narcotics and
Britney Spears
Backstreet Boys
Aaron Carter
Pearl Jam
Green Day
Beastie Boys (R.I.P. MCA)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Spice Girls
LL Cool J
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
Dave Matthews Band
Destiny’s Child