A autonomous B baptism mode S

A autonomous
A autonomous
B baptism mode
A autonomous
B baptism mode
C congregational
A autonomous
B baptism mode
C congregational
“Pertaining or adhering to a form of church government in which
each local church acts as an independent, self-governing body,
while maintaining fellowship with like congregations.”
What are the Predominate Faith
Groups in U.S. Counties?
1. Baptist – 1,249
2. Catholic – 1,117
3. Lutheran – 263
4. United Methodist – 248
5. Latter-day Saints – 107
Source: 2010 U.S. Religion Census, Association of Statisticians
of American Religious Bodies
Baptist Statistics
√ Almost 1 American in 5 claims to be Baptist
Some of the 50+ Baptist Bodies
American Baptist Association ▲
American Baptist Churches in the USA ▲
Baptist Bible Fellowship International
Baptist General Conference ▲
Baptist Missionary Association of America
Conservative Baptist Association of America
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Duck River & Kindred Baptists Associations
Enterprise Baptists Associations
Free Will Baptists
Fundamental Baptist Associations Fellowships
General Association of General Baptists ▲
General Association of Regular Baptists
General Six Principle Baptists
Independent Baptist Churches
Independent Free Will Baptist Associations
Interstate & Foreign Landmark Missionary Baptists Assn.
Jasper Baptist & Pleasant Valley Baptist Associations
Landmark Missionary Baptists
National Association of Free Will Baptists ▲
National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. ▲
National Missionary Baptist Convention of America ▲
National Primitive Baptist Convention USA
New Hope Baptist Association
New Testament Association of Independent Baptist
North American Baptist Conference
“Old” Missionary Baptists Associations
Original Free Will Baptists of North Carolina ▲
Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church, Inc.
Primitive Baptist Churches
Primitive Baptists, Eastern District
Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. ▲
Progressive Primitive Baptists
Reformed Baptist Churches
Separate Baptists in Christ
Seventh Day Baptist General Conference
Southern Baptist Convention ▲
Southwest Baptist Fellowship
Strict Baptists
Two-Seed-in-the-Spirit Predestinarian Baptists
Wayne Trail Missionary Baptist Association
There are as many kinds of
Baptists as there are varieties of
Heinz! Here are some of the
largest of these denominations…
Baptist Statistics
√ The largest of the Baptist denominations:
►Southern Baptist Convention (80%): (“Great Commission Baptists”) 19,896,975 / 50,816 churches
Baptist Statistics
►Southern Baptist Convention (80%): (“Great Commission Baptists”) 19,896,975 / 50,816 churches
►National Baptist Convention USA: 1,881,341 /
3,536 churches
►American Baptist Churches USA: 1,560,572 /
5243 churches
Baptist Statistics, continued
►National Baptist Convention of America: 304,414 /
3,536 churches
►National Missionary Baptist Convention: 261,873 /
1,283 churches
►Baptist General Conference: 260,100 / 1,092 ch.
►Free Will Baptists: 217,560 / 2,285 churches
►Progressive National Baptist Convention: 203,732 /
390 churches
Baptist Statistics, continued
►American Baptist Association: 203,374 / 1,368 ch.
* 2010 U.S. Religion Census
+22 Baptist bodies reported in this study
+24,895,197 adherents
+71,827 churches
Example of Denominational Structure…
State Convention
Southern Baptist Convention
Southern Baptist Convention
Guidestone Financial
Services (Annuity)
SBC Executive Committee
6 Seminaries
Union (Aux)
North American
Mission Board
Mission Board
Useful Terms
Pastor (Reverend, Doctor, Brother, Pastor)
Associate Pastor for _____________
Minister of Education
Minister of Discipleship
Youth and/or Children’s Minister
___________ Committee
Resources for Use in
Baptist Scouting Ministries
1. Religious Emblems Program
Resources for Use in
Baptist Scouting Ministries
1. Religious Emblems Program
2. Testimonies of Pastors and
Denominational Leaders
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