John Deere Gator 825i

John Deere Gator 825i
By: Colman Grimm
 I chose it because we have one, and I think
they are cool.
 The green and yellow gator is climbing up the rocks.
These machines are built tough and are made for
climbing such places. The rack in front is great for
carrying stuff you need.
 They have the most horsepower in their class (50hp.). They have a
pick style tail gate, at least 20 tie down places. They come with good
tires, the tires are very aggressive. They also come with steel or alloy
wheels (alloy wheels-yellow/silver, black/silver, and silver), there are
two places for a hitch, and plenty of storage space.
 There are over 100 accessories and options. They come in three
different colors; camo, yellow/green, and olive/black. Spray-in bed
liner, front and back heavy duty fender guards and bumpers,
custom and high-performance options, hydraulic dump, fully
enclosed cab, blinker system, horn, three different types of seats;
bench seat, high back seats, and the normal John Deere seats.
 Top speed 44mph
 50hp
 True on demand 4-wheel
 119 in. long, 62 in. wide
 Towing capacity 1500 lb., Hauling capacity 1400 lb.
 Seating capacity 2
 Cargo Box is 16.4 cu. ft.
 Pick-up style tail gate
 Colors are Green/Yellow, Camo, and Olive/Black
 The gator 825i is more versatile.
 You can haul more things with a gator than a ATV.
 You can do more specialized work with a gator
because of all of the accessories.
 You can show off more with it. John Deere offer so
many extras it’s fun to customize your gator with a
stereo system or cab with LED lighting.
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