Ventura Visitor & Convention Bureau Quarterly

Ventura Visitor & Convention Bureau
Activity Report
VVCB Report to Board of Directors
November 2013
Visitor Center
Income Sources
Visitor Services
Retail Income - VVCB
November - October YTD
Increase in Revenue
Total $6,600.21
Retail Sales/Income
October $897.48
Best Sellers – Wine Tours, Postcards, Ventura Tote Bags,
Ventura City Maps, Ventura Stickers, Ventura Magnets,
Note cards
Ticket Sales/Income
Wine Tours - $1,955 ($276 to VVCB -7%)
Winter Wine Walk - $250 ($15 to VVCB -6%)
Consignment /Income
October $215.44
Up to (17) vendors and promoting more items from local
Newest Consignment vendor – Harbor Wind & Kite
Sunny Oberto, a current consignment vendor has
designed a “Ventura” 2014 calendar and is currently
being sold at the Visitors Center
Ventura Traffic
The total number of visitors to the Visitors Center for
2013/14 Fiscal YTD is 9,749
July-Oct 2012 vs 2013 UP 931ppl Large reason is trolley
Total number of visitors in October is 1,669
Top Visitors YTD Geographic Origins: (IN CENTER)
Canada, Germany, Australia & England
California by County
Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego & Orange
Out of State
Arizona, Texas, Nevada & Oregon
Visitors Center is currently selling tickets for the Ventura
Winter Wine Walk and will be a tasting location on 12/7.
The vacant office space has
recently been advertised
on Craigslist and
Twitter. Potential income,
$650 per month.
We are fortunate to have a team which currently includes 16 volunteers. Our volunteers are an integral part of the Visitors Center
operations. We are so pleased with their assistance in enhancing the overall visitor experience!
Current Volunteers:
How long they have been
with the Visitors Center
Daniella Acardi
Ann Bevans
Brittany Bruer
Royce Camilo
Glenda Cardona
Martha Christensen
Michael Gold
Julie Henry
Linda Holzer
Lyle Hotzler
Sara Paz
Pattie Ridenour
Joyce Rufenact
Bruce Smith
Linda Windsor
Samara Iodice
2 months
3 years
1 week
1 1/2 years
6 years
3 months
3 1/2 years
14 months
11 months
8 months
3 months
2 1/2
3 years
5 months
14 months
3 months/ BarkVentura
Volunteer Highlights
Volunteers were recently treated to a ride on the trolley to better
educate them on trolley stops and operations. A tour of some of the
new stores at Ventura Harbor and free ice cream were part of the fun
excursion! Courtesy of Downtown Ventura Organization and Ventura
Harbor Village.
Our annual Volunteer Recognition Party is scheduled for Tuesday,
November 12th at 5:30 PM at the Pierpont Inn! Time to celebrate our
volunteers and thank them for their hard work and dedication to the
Visitors Center.
Those who can, do. Those who can do more,
volunteer. ~Author Unknown
Narrative- For internal use only
A town best travelled
“We are teased and spoiled by the abundance of coastal
experiences California offers. Some stand up and beat their
chest while others lay back and cool their heels. But one
simply squints through the midday sun and invites me to,
"Come, stay, eat, surf and play... but YOU be YOU". I don't
have to be rich or know a secret handshake and I don't know
of any dress codes. What I do know is I can park and walk to
just about anything from tacos at the pier to a wine bar or art
gallery at night and find an eclectic culture of human
expression and unapologetic grit. I do fit right in not because I
try but rather because I don't have to try.
Day or night, the town has a casual soul yet a pulse that
quickens and slows with it's indigenous offerings-- art, music,
rich food trends and a proximity to a stunning convergence of
ecological wonder, colorful diversity and a storied history. You
can drive right past it or even right through it but when you
stop here you'll know that you've arrived at a special place. It
doesn’t just sit by the sea but it stands by itself in character
and allure. And when I'm there-- when you're there-- it's even
better than before.
We live, we visit, we engage-- we are in Ventura.”
Revised positioning statement and
narrative are “spot on.” They are
positive without and spin. They feel
authentic and true to Ventura. The
narrative could be a great economic
development tool.
• DuPuis will refine the visual
territory board , team will review
• Next, we will explore up to 4
options for the Ventura brandmark.
This will be presented on 11/14/13.
Sales/ RFP
Sales Leads:
October Sales Leads Sent: 4 Leads, with an average of 3
hotel nights and 146 Rooms.
Year to date Sales Leads: 13 Leads
Economic Impact YTD Leads Generated:
October YTD Sales Leads Confirmed Bookings:
(3) of (13) sent or 23%
Economic Impact YTD Leads Converted:
October (766) Attendees assisted with welcome packets
of brochures and maps.
– YTD (3,550)
October YTD Attendees assisted with Service Requests
with group dining, offsite event space, group activity
booking: (810)
October Tradeshows:
KKLA Pastors Conference: 99 new
contacts were made.
Bakersfield Chamber Mixer:
180 Cards collected- (30) Leisure
(150) Business
FAMs, Sales Missions,
Press FAMS:
Nick and Caroline Robertson Brown with Sport Diver Magazine
UK came for an overnight and kelp forest diving trip. They used
Ventura Dive & Sport and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express.:
Saturday and Sunday, October 12, 13.
Sunrise/Australian TV Co-Op with CCTC: Thursday, October 31st.
They filmed at the Channel Islands National Park Visitors Center
and Islands Packers. Stayed at the Crowne Plaza and enjoyed an
evening in our Downtown.
Client FAM:
Annie welcomed the National Onion Association clients to
Ventura on Wednesday, 10/16 – Sunday, 10/20.
They stayed 2 nights at the Sheraton and 2 nights at the Crowne
Plaza, with site tours at the Sheraton, Marriott and Crowne
They also focused on meeting local farmers, seeing a few artsfocused attractions for the spousal programs and enjoyed our
downtown at their leisure.
This group has booked with the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach at
an estimated economic impact of over $106 k.
TEAMS Tradeshow:
Annie attended the TEAMS Tradeshow in Salt Lake City with
VCLA on November 4-7.
Combination scheduled appointments & networking
VCB & City are taking John David (COO of USA BMX) out to
dinner on Wednesday night.
Public Relations
VCB Currently managing all PR requests and
FAM trips
RFP went out on streets Nov 1st-Due back Nov
18th target start Jan 2014
Review Committee will get packets and evaluate on own
then come together and discuss
Had 3 companies interested that learned more about
financial scope and decided not to participate
Australia “Sunrise” Partners/ 3 pitches 10/31
this was a contact that came out of PowWow
with CCTC- ( see above picture)
BARKVENTURA press release went out on 10.28
calling for AmbassaDogs applications to be
turned in by November 25th- Launch January
MA KVTA radio interview on 11.1.13
Blog for Island Packers
Print and Editorials
Trip Advisor Marketing to Phoenix & Dallas –
one month in~0.16% average click through rate
(that is double the industry average of 0.08%).
Now is TOP #1 referrer for Website
Photographer we work with locally recently got
coverage In
Canadian Traveler Magazine- Check out
Bakersfield campaign still getting a lot of
traction/ 374url links for last 3 months
Visits increased 16% over October 2012
Domestic: Consistently
– CA
– AZ
– TX
– Last year this time CO & NY
Were #2 &3 recent outreach is
Showing in website traffic
Top Referrer:
Extranet- will launch how-to videos this week
Added Value for Jack Rabbit $5000 adding
mobile into existing contract Month of October
a total of 262 click thrus on Partners pages to
book direct
Streamlined all social media platforms for
VisitVentura and to maximize our SEO now when
you google Ventura VCB is #1 we use to be #6
18,724 Fans (384 new)
Best Day of week for postings Friday our followers want to be
FB post the week of 10.26
Reached 54,000 people.
Visit CA shared it, and it exploded.
FB post THIS WEEK reached 42K
558 shares/ 2053 like/86 comments
Engagement 1,500 HUGE
459 followers (167 new)
BarkVentura Page is now up! Support from Anacapa
Animal Hospital Voted #1 readers choice awards 4
yrs. in row
Promoting bag sales through Social Media- “Don’t
do the wrapping send if Ventura Bag”- running a
promotion Spend $25 get 50% off Ventura tote bags
Newsletter Template
SHORELINES Newsletter Oct
2013- NEW Template
• Sent on October 23, 2013 to
457 partners
City Contract/Research Update:
Tentative date for Agenda item 12.9.13
waiting to get updates from City Staff on
presentation and contract language
VCB will need to call a special meeting to inform Board
of City Staff final recommendations and present a copy
of proposed contract
Met with City Staff on Oct 15th to discuss
outcome of research
Retain funding 20% TOT and 5 yr
Measured provision that VCB seek new sources of
Annual budget submitted
Permit each budget to submit one time cost items
Limit VCB authority to enter into multi year contracts
without city approval
Revise By-laws to add City Rep ( Council Member
appointed by Mayor) to Exec Committee and a City
Staff Rep ( appointed by City Manager) to the VCB
Require monthly performance matrix presented to city
and an annual report ( City Staff satisfied with recent
Color Run Ventura! Close to 6K registered
already looking at Oct 2014 dates and a possible
addition in June of a different event
January Board Meeting we will have a 15 min
presentation on the Oxnard airport- needs and
how we can support
November 6th MA CAPS interview with Nancy
Pedersen & Chipper Bro Bell on Best Day
Couple of highlights:
Sunset Magazine
844 Reader Service Leads YTD
Up 26% from 2012- 699
National Geographic
844 Reader Service Leads in Sept
YTD Up 94% from 2012-(52)
E-monthly newsletters
95,991 YTD
Up 48% from 2012 –(49,930)
Calendar of events
41% of keyword search is for
Ventura events
VCLA- working on tradeshows for upcoming
Season, CalSAE next up
Oxnard Airport grant 1st step awarded 2 more steps to go
Visit CA- 1 NTA pre Trade Show FAM.
Visit CA conference call for social media sharing
and event submissions
Film liaison 154 projects in Ventura County since
funded through EDCVC (2) of which have been
in Ventura and generated over 1,000 rm nights
National Parks FULL Page ad with (7) strategic
partners- 1 year coverage
MA attending CCTC meeting 11.15
***Last year in 2012 a total of 70,443 people
(Anacapa 7934, Scorpion – most popular 36916, and
Whale Watching 12682)
***This year thru October a total of 75,125 (Anacapa
9161, Scorpion 40569, and Whale Watch is 10940 )
still have 2 more months to go!
Guest Speaker at Ventura East Rotary Club on
Exploring I<3 Ventura program at center with
City staff
Meeting with Golf Courses to discuss cross
promotion, drive green fees therefore helping
city/ MA site visit to Olivas
Ojai is creating a mini site to feature beach
offerings and to sell their property more. We
are coordinating having links on their site and
providing some images
Working with City& DVP on Restaurant week
launching with CA in January- will reach out to
regional and state partners to maximize
Michele at Harbor Jazz Sundays 11.10.13
promoting our Wine Tours
Staff Engagement /updates
2014 Inspiration Guide
• Should be back from printers by the
end of 2013!
Office Space & Visitor Center:
• Plumbing issues resolved in
restrooms- masonic dealing with
male restroom leak in wall
• Currently in Winter hours, close at
4pm office still on till 5pm with
phones and door still open
• Office Space for rent
• Retail Income - VVCB
November 2011 - October 2012
Increase in Revenue
VCB Staff:
• Annie’s last day is 11.20.13/
• Active recruiting, WACVB, VCCF &
website- keep open till we find the
right fit- preserving flexibility on
• Based on increase traffic and revenue
looking at PT help on weekends
The rise of the marathon and other day-long sports events are
driving tourists to nearby cities and across the country. And the
bump in tourist spend almost always outweighs organizing costs.
SKIFT travel— Samantha Shankman
The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) forecasted that the
total tourism industry contribution to the global economy in 2013
will not exceed 2.9 percent, which is significantly lower than
February's forecast that stood at 3.2 percent.
According to the research 51% of American travelers were female
rather than male, with a staggering prevalence for leisure travel
(72%) as opposed to business travel (28%).
New Branding Visit California's new brand platform "Dream Big"
and their accompanying logo and television commercial,
"Dreamers" was unveiled at their recent Commission Meeting. The
focus will continue to be on promoting the state's abundance and
showcasing the California attitude, shining a spotlight on the fact
that in California, we don't just dream, we Dream Big! The spot
aired at the end of October in the U.S. and Canada and will utilized
in the U.K. and Australia in the coming months. Their new logo and
will be made available in the coming weeks
Short-term travel is mostly connected to business trips, since most
meetings, conventions and similar events usually take one or two
days. The declining trend in short-term trips is therefore
representing a decline in business trips all over the country.
Some of the most visited destinations include New York City, Las Vegas, Washington DC,
San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles – cities that are commonly associated with tourist
attractions and leisure travels, another symptom of the positive trend towards longer
leisure trips.
For Ventura- our two gateways show opportunity
TBID recently put together a to promote tourism in Thousand Oaks
Marlyss Auster, Executive Director
Hilda Kilpatrick, Office Manager
Michele Gilmour, Visitor Services Manager
Annie Campbell, Group Sales Manager
Donna Francis, Visitor Services
Suzanne Baird, Visitor Services
Diane Sweet, Visitor Services
Board & Advisory Board
Executive Committee
Oscar Pena - Chairman (General Manager, Ventura Port District)
James D. Ludwig - Past Chairman (Principal, KL Associates)
OPEN SEAT- Treasurer
Victor Dollar - Secretary (Citizen at Large - General Manager Four Points by Sheraton Ventura
Beach Resort)
Michael Wagner - Restaurant/Owner/Operator
Marcia Rhodes - Citizen at Large (Road Scholar)
Barbara Quaid - Ventura County Fairgrounds (Chief Executive Officer, Ventura County
Nancy Pedersen - Citizen at Large (Sunflowers on the Square)
Marie Lakin - Cultural Affairs Commission Liaison
Cheryl Heitmann - Downtown Ventura Organization Liaison
Carlos Cruz-Ampudia - Small Hotel/Motel/Operator (General Manager, Best Western Plus,
Inn of Ventura)
Myron Freedman - Citizen at Large (Executive Director Museum of Ventura County)
Ed Wehan - Parks & Recreation Commission Liaison
Advisory Board
Doug Wood, General Manager Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach
Seana Sesma, Owner AceAna Promotions
Norbert Tan, MBA, Executive Director, Ventura College Foundation
Chipper Bro Bell, Patagonia
Danny Saldana, Owner & General Manager, Anacapa Brewing Co.
Sureh Patel, General Manager, Country Inn & Suites by Carlson
Douglas A. Halter
Ed Warren, Busy Bee Café
** Recommendations for Board Slate explored in NOV VVCB Board meeting
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