Short Arm Cast Application

Fiberglass Short
Arm Cast
Application and
Application Supplies
Apply stockinette to upper and lower
portion of arm as shown
Start wrapping cotton at wrist
Continue to hand..
Apply two layers around hand and
continue up arm
Tear cotton around thumb
Apply two layers around hand and
continue up arm
Wrap tightly and avoid wrinkles in
Apply two layers of cotton to entire
Fold upper arm stockinette over
Apply a thumb padMOST IMPORTANT PART!!!
Wrap snugly around thumb
Fold stockinette over hand portion of
Apply gloves!
Fiberglass must be wet. Either fill a
basin with water or use running water
from sink.
Remove fiberglass from package
Submerse in water or hold under
running water for a few seconds
Begin wrapping at wrist
Wrap once around wrist and proceed
to hand
Make a cut to go around thumb
Repeat this step until desired
thickness reached
(two to three layers)
Continue to roll fiberglass up the arm
Roll fiberglass- DO NOT PULL!
Roll carefully to avoid wrinkles
There should be two to three layers of
cast material when finished
Use palms of hands to mold cast
while it is drying (about 5 minutes)
Never use fingers as this can dent the
cast and cause pressure sores
This is a good way to mold the cast
around the hand
Some areas may be rough as shown
A nail file may be used to smooth
rough areas
Scissors may also be used to cut
rough areas
Completed cast free of wrinkles or
rough areas
No rough areas noticeable
Short Arm Cast
Removal Supplies
Start cutting on top (superior) side of
Continue the whole length of cast
Turn arm over and make same cut
along entire length of cast
(inferior side)
Use Cast Spreaders to open cast.
Tear Cotton and Remove Cast
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