Revised Sch VI - CA office

Revised Sch
CCH ProSystem Application
What's New?
 Format has been changed – now we have
Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit and Loss and
Notes to accounts.
 Disclosure requirements have increased.
 Information is reported based on Current and
Non Current Values
 Reporting in notes has to be very dynamic due to
the complex nature of reporting requirements.
What Market Expects?
 Full work cycle – starting from Trial Balance to
Reporting in Revised Schedule VI
 Speed – ability to complete a standard balance
sheet in 30 minutes or less
 Flexibility – ability to change the information as
required and keep track of it
 Customizability – ability to make each report look
different and unique
 Dependability – strong work engine to strong
data reliably
What we are offering?
• Trial Balance import and suggested grouping.
• Multiple source of import
• Track changes from tally on each refresh.
• Ability to group the ledgers flexibly to user defined or predefined groups
• Group the ledgers flexibly for current and previous years
GROUPING • Provide the current and non current values for current and previous reporting periods
• With more than 10 predefined notes to speed up the process
• Ability to add notes at all levels – ledger, sub group, main group.
• Ability to provide rich notes with all features like table(s) and/or text.
• Multiple options for the report presentation
• Report generation in excel/word/pdf
REPORTING • Email report directly to the client/manager for review
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