Stoves/Ovens Time Line - MYPTechnology-Period8-9

Darius Beckford Presents
1.The first people were said to cook on open fires, what we can call today
primitive stoves/ovens
2. Open fires were usually placed on the ground, and was used to keep food in,
or to place wood in for warmth, and by now there were masonry fire pits
3. The Greeks began to first modernly use stoves/ovens for bread and baked
4. By the middle ages tall brick hearths were created
5. Food was often cooked in medal cauldrons and held over fires
6. The first oven was created, and dated in 1490, Alsace, France
1. Scientist began improvising wood burning stoves,
because of issues involving the smoke the stove let out
2. The fire chamber was soon created, an it was used for
holding wood fire, and holes were made above the
chamber, so that cooking utensils could be placed on
with flat bottoms
3. The best noted designed for the wood burning stove
was by Frenchmen architect François Cuvilliés, and the
great historian Benjamin Franklin.
1. About 1728, the mass production of iron cast stoves went into play
2.The cast iron stoves were created by the Germans, and was called the
Five-plate or Jamb stoves.
3. In 1800, Benjamin Thompson, created a working iron kitchen stove, he
named the Rumford stove with the intention to be placed in big productive
4. Even though Thompson’s invention was a hit at the time, there were
many problems with the Rumford stove. Do to so many problems with the
Rumford stove, designs continued to improve it
5. Finally patented in 1834, Stewart Oberlin’s invention help put a stop to
the Rumford stove’s malfunctions
1. Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist made the design of a soot less
kerosene oven
2. Jordan Mott, invented the first usable coal oven in
1833. Motts oven was named baseburner, the baseburner
was equipped with ventilation to burn the coal
3. Mott’s baseburner oven was cylindrical and it was
made with iron with and a hole circling the top of the
1. James Sharp, British inventor, patented his gas oven in 1833.
Sharp’s oven was the first oven to appear on the sale
2. Averagely there were gas ovens in the homes of the 1920s, with
burners, and interior ovens
3.The progress of gas stoves were stopped until gas lines, could be able
to be equip to homes, and were common among households
4. In the 1910s, gas stoves had enamel coating, which made the stove
easier to clean.
5. An significant invention design of the gas stoves was the AGA
cooker, invented by Nobel prize winner Gustaf Dalén in 1922
1. After the 1920s, and beginning of 1930s that the electric stoves
started to play role in the American society.
2. Electric ovens were available in the 1890s, but there needed to be a
distribution of electricity, needed to power up the stoves.
3. There were many people credited for the electric stove, such as
Thomas Ahearn, Carpenter Electric Heating Manufacturing
Company, and William Hadaway.
4. Hadaway patented the first electric oven in 1896, as well in 1910
Hadaway designed the toaster.
5. Over time there have been major improvements with the electric
stove such as invention of resistor heating coils
1. The first people to officially use a stove/oven were the Greeks, by
using simple ovens, or open pit fires.
2. Stoves/Ovens have changed over time because, now there actually
in peoples homes for starters, and they are now constructed to generate
a certain amount of heat.
3. One of technologies many definitions are a technological process,
invention, method or the like. Stoves/ Ovens fall under technology
because it is a invention, that was processed tested by many methods.
4. Stoves/ Ovens are used by placing food inside the oven, or on top of
the stoves, choosing a temperature of low to 6, on stoves, and ovens
ranging in temperatures.
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