“Smart Grid” Network Deployment Using SBI`s TV White

White Spaces Trial Networks:
Results and Next Steps
What is TV White Space?
Traditional TV channels were from 2-69. Over time
these channels have been compressed and some have
been sold to cellular carriers for 4G solutions
As a result of the Digital Transition (from Analog TV)
additional spectrum became available for broadband
The attraction of TV White Space is that it is a much
lower frequency than existing unlicensed spectrum.
The lower frequencies propagate better over distance
and through walls
What is TV White Space?
This map shows the
service areas for a
single TV channel
(Channel 9) in the
northeast US.
Everything else is
“White Space”
What is TV White Space?
Rolling up all the “White Space” creates a nationwide footprint
Note: Available White Space is not the same as useable White Space
White Space Trials
• Spectrum Bridge has deployed a number of TVWS trial networks
around the world
• Trials attempt to achieve one or more objectives
• Political/Regulatory support
• Application validation/demonstration
• Technology development/validation
• Several radio vendors involved (today)
• Proprietary FSK, 50KHz-5MHz channels VHF & UHF
• Re-banded 802.11, 5MHz channels, VHF band
• Re-banded 802.16e in 3.5/5MHz channels
• Summary of the trials filed in 04-186 proceedings at the FCC
Examples of Existing Trials
“Smart Grid” Network Deployment Using SBI’s TV White Spaces Architecture – Plumas County, CA,
In Partnership with
Nation’s First TVWS Broadband Network – Claudville, VA,
In Partnership with
First Global
Network in
“Smart City” Network
Deployment Using SBI’s
TV White Spaces
Architecture –
Wilmington, NC
In Partnership with Local
Authorities, Public Safety
Entities and
“TeleMedicine” Network – Logan OH
In Partnership with
TVWS Trial Network Deployment Proposed –
Singapore, UK
Claudville VA, worlds first TVWS Network
• Wireless Broadband internet provided to rural
community in Virginia, sponsored by Congressman Rick
• Solution provided in partnership with Dell and
Claudville Network
1.5 miles
White Spaces Network
Claudville Trinity School
Claudville Café (downtown hotspot)
SoHo user(s)
TVWS Improves Propagation
200 MHz
In conjunction with the city of
Wilmington, New Hanover county and
“Smart City” applications
Video security cameras in public/county
Video traffic & security cameras at major
WiFi access in county parks for the public
and city/county workers
Monitor storm water flow
Connect security cameras
Offer WiFi access to area public schools
Power telemedicine applications
Plumas, CA
• SBI has partnered with PlumasSierra Rural Electric Cooperative
(PSREC) to deploy a TV White
Spaces network in Plumas
County, CA
• The major application - Smart
Command and Control access
for remote substations
Google is providing Green
Energy applications for use by
PSREC customers
• Minor application – providing
broadband access to remote
scattered locations
TVWS Internationally
• White spaces is recognized as an issue requiring attention at the
EU level
• CEPT SE43 is defining the technical compatibility requirements
• SBI is installing 2 trial networks in Europe
• Asian countries (Singapore and Korea) beginning to plan trials and
• Spectrum Bridge has completed 2 trials in Europe and is planning
more in Europe and in Asia in 2011
UK TV White Space
• Europe has much more TV White Space than the US
Source: Cambridge Consultants
TVWS Status
• The FCC has completed the rule making process and announced
the White Space Database administrators
• There have been several requests for modification of the rules.
• These requests may, or may not be considered
• Various plans are in place to certify TVWS solutions and begin
commercial deployment
• Spectrum Bridge will continue to deploy trials in 2011
• International arena to make TVWS a global opportunity
• Focus in US on low power solutions
Low Power Devices
“TV White Space is WiFi on Steroids” ─ Larry Page, Google
TVWS Low Power Trials
Premise: Improvements of 2X to 3X over
existing options
In indoor applications the improvement in
propagation through walls with the
additional spectrum that has been made
available should produce a 2-3X range
improvement over existing 2.4GHz WiFi
TV White Spaces
Source: Dell Inc.
Low Power Trials
• The current rules specify a very strict emission Mask, that is tough
for OFDM radios to meet
OFDM is the underpinning of WiFi and WiMax
• The industry is keen to get this Mask modified to be more like the
Mask for existing unlicensed bands
• SBI is planning a major trial to measure the impact of the relaxed
Mask and any modifications to the protection criteria that might
be necessary.
Source: Qualcomm
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