Charlie Tasker - Woodburn Public School

By Charlie Tasker
Pacific ocean
Working in Isolation
If I had to work in isolation, I would find it quite hard,
be very homesick, miss all my friends and family.
However, I guess after time I would get used to having
to use email and other social media to stay in contact
with them all. Nevertheless, I think it would be fun
living in Antarctica, even though it would be very
dangerous because of all the melting snow, ice and
sub-zero temperatures. Still it would be awesome to
see all the cool wildlife everyday.
Antarctic Treaty
The Antarctic treaty is an agreement between
twelve countries that was formed in 1959 and
was enforced in 1961. It governs the people
who are temporarily there and the countries
who claim parts Antarctica. Another fifteen
countries are wanting to claim a part but will
not be able to until the present treaty date
has expired. It also helps the countries to
preserve Antarctica’s environment and protect
the animals that live there.
Douglas Mawson
Sir Douglas Mawson was born on the 5th of May 1822 in Yorkshire. When he was
only two years of age he moved to Australia with his family and went to school here
and then university in Sydney and got a masters in geography. In 1907 he acted as
geologist on Shackleton’s British Antarctic expedition where he climbed Mt Erebus
which is Antarctica’s only active volcano and got to the south pole. Then in 1911 he
was the leader of the Australia Antarctic expedition for King George the 5th on the
ship Aurora. He set up scientific research bases that would discover new things at
Cape Denison in Macquarie Island and at Queen Mary Island. Douglas was the first
person to use a radio in Antarctica. In 1912 he had set up the main bases at Cape
Denison, Commonwealth Bay and then his expedition left. Then in 1913 he collected
information on Antarctica's geology , biology , meteorology , magnetism and
oceanography when he was sailing 3000 km around Antarctica’s coastline. In 1958
Sir Douglas Mawson died at the age of 76.
Human Impacts
We all are impacting on Antarctica’s food
chain. The krill is disappearing quickly
because of the rising temperatures that
us as humans are causing by using so
much power. The krill is the whales’ main
food source. Our excess power usage is
burning a hole in the ozone layer that is
causing the suns rays coming down at a
extreme rate. Which is making the water
became hotter and hotter which is
impacting on the Antarctic food chain.
It’s impacting all around the world but,
Antarctica’s animals are used to the subzero temperatures. This is killing them
and not letting them breed safely. The
young and the adult animals are having a
hard time finding food in the harsh
change in climate. Which we call Global
Did you
That the highest
mountain in Antarctica
is Vinson Massif.
 In Antarctica in summer
it is always dark.
 That Douglas Mawson
was the first person to
use a radio in Antarctica
 The whale’s main food
source is krill.
Extra Extra Read All About It
Antarctica’s wildlife is disappearing so quickly there most likely won’t be any left in
2041 if we don’t do something soon. One amazing animal that is disappearing is whales.
These stunning creatures are constantly under the threat of commercial whaling.
Commercial whaling is the practice of killing whales for their meat and/or selling their
body parts for thousands on the black market. Happily the International Whaling
Commission banned commercial whaling in 1986. Sadly Iceland , Norway and Japan
continue to hunt whales, justifying their actions by saying they use them for scientific
research. However, they still eat them, not as much as they did before, but they are
bringing in more then ever! This means they throw the excess meat away. So the whales
are killed out pointlessly. Tragically they don’t kill them quickly, because the first shot
doesn’t usually kill them straight away, so they are in pain for a long time. Often whalers
keep the whales air hole underwater for a long time so they drown. Those whales who
get caught die so inhumanly it’s hard to call the people who kill the beautiful creatures
human. Whales should be safe in our ocean! Whaling needs to stop if we want our kids
to enjoy eating fish and chips watching whales breech. Whales should enjoy being free
and happy not worrying that they may die a tragic and painful death . Antarctica is a great
place for whales but , if our generation doesn’t do something soon, then whales like so
many other animals will become extinct .
Dear mum, I’m loving it in Antarctica
Post card
it’s so much fun the weather is so
Post card
cold but, it makes it all worth it when
you see the wildlife. I have learnt that
krill is the whales main food source
and that penguins huddle together
when it’s cold. Here’s a photo of
what I wake up to most mornings, are
you envious of me? I would be! I
must admit that I’m starting to hate
baked beans and I miss your cooking
so so much. I found out when we
saw MT Vinson is Antarctica’s highest
mountain and that in summer it’s
always dark and I also found out that
that if our body temp’s get under 35
degrees we can get hypothermia. I
hope everybody is well , tell them I
love them all.
Love Charlie
Hypoyhermia is when there is
a body temperature below 35
degrees. You can tell when
somebody has hypothermia if
they are shivering non-stop
and feels freezing but, you
should get first aid by a
professionals but, if their
temperature falls to 34 it can
became very dangerous and
can result in dying. So in
Antarctica your life is at
greater risk so I would take
all the things beside.
-35 degree sleeping bag
• Inflatable thermo mattress
• Long ski pants ( 5 )
• -25 ski jacket
• Hiking boots with studs
• Trekking poles
• Radio with spare batteries
• Torch with spare batteries
• Thermo underwear
• Thermo socks
• Long shirts
• Tent
• Axe
• Matches and/or lighter
• Thermo and waterproof gloves