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ZŠ , Nám L. Novomeského 2,
1.Position , map , symbols of Slovakia , neighbouring countries
2.Capital city , currency , form of government
3.Highest mountain ranges and highest peak
5.Largest towns in Slovakia
6.Historical sites UNESCO
7.Historical events
8.Historical figures
9.Typical food
Position of Slovakia
 Slovakia is situated in the centre of
 Area: 49 000 km2
 The populaton : 5 000 000 people
 Neighbours : Hungary,
Poland,Ukraine, Austria, The Czech
Capital city
o Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia
-it is the largest city situated on the banks of the
Danube river
-it is the seat of government, parliament and embassies
o Since 2009 EURO has been our currency
o Prezident of the Slovak republic is Ivan Gašparovič.
-Slovakia is a parliamentary republic
Mountain range
 The largest moutain range is the
High Tatras - Gerlachovský peak
 Second largest mountain is LOW
TATRAS -Ďumbier
 Third largest moutain is ORAVSKÉ
BESKYDY-Babia hora
 The biggest peak is Gerlachovský štít
-its hight is 2654,4 metres above sea
 Váh - the longest river in Slovakia
-its length 403 km
 Danube - stems in Germany and flows
through Austria, Slovakia,Hungary,
-its length in Slovakia is 172 km
* Hron- the biggest river
- its length is 298 km
Váh is the longest river ( 403 km )
Danube is the largest river ( 172 km )
Hron( 298 km )
Largest towns in Slovakia
 1.BRATISLAVA- the biggest town in Slovakia
- the president of Slovak republic lives here
- 462 603 inhabitans
-there is also State Theatre
and Bratislava castle
Other towns
 2.KOŠICE-the second biggest town
- 555 800 people live here
-it is a historical town,because here are many
historical monuments like: St. Elisabeth´s
:Urban´s tower
:St. Michael´s Chapel
Other towns
 3.PREŠOV-near Košice
- river Torysa flows
through it
- 91 638 inhabitants
- it is third biggest town
in Slovakia
 4.BANSKA BYSTRICA-the fourth biggest town
in Slovakia
-it is a mining town
-it is fifth biggest town in
-river Nitra flows
through it
Historical sites UNESCO
 Spiš castle- the biggest castle in Slovakia
- was burnt down a long time ago
* Cave Domica- in Košice region ,many bats
spend winter in it
* Vlkolínec- a unique open air folk museum
because some
people still
live there
Historical events
 1843-The second codification of literary Slovak
language authored by Ľudovít Štúr was successful
and became the basis of today's Slovak
 1863-the Slovak Matica, the first national institution
for improving of education and preserving the
culture of the Slovaks, was founded
 14. March 1939 - independent Slovak republic was
declared in Bratislava
 1944- Slovak National Uprising against the Nazis
 2004 – Slovakia became a member of European Union
Historical figures
 Slovak Robin Hood – Juraj Janošik is said to
hand out the goods and money of the rich
to the poor
 Alexander Dubček was the most impotant
Slovak politician of the post-war era
 Milan Rastislav Štefánik was the most
important figure in Slovak history, because
he significantly contributed to the founding
of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918
Typical food
• our traditional food
• made from dough, bryndza
(sheep cheese), bacon-on top of
the Halušky
• pasta filled with mashed
potatoes, served with cream and
fried bacon and onion
Popular sports in Slovakia include:
* Football
* Tennis
* Swimming
* Ice hockey
* Cycling
* Skiing
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